Training for granfondo's

(Jeroen Bauwens ) #1


I want to ride UCI granfondo’s next year and my goal is to qualify for the WCH in Poland.
I just did a lactate ( 2.0 mmol/l @ 260W and 4.0 mmol/l @303 W ) and VO2-max test (66.2 ml/kg.min) resulting in a WattMAX of 4.68 W/Kg. My zwift FTP says 242W.
The advice I got is that I need to get my W/Kg above 5, but that my aeroob fitness level is already fine. The analyst suggested doing strenght training in winter, and keep up the endurance training as I am.
So for the ‘summer’ season my training was badminton on monday , zwift workout on tuesday and a long ride in the weekend (100-180 km events). So for the winter I was planning on riding MTB in the fields in weekends (50-80km events) and keep on doing the badminton and zwift session on monday an tuesday. Wednesday is reserved for my wife, and on thursday I follow afterwork education, so there is no time for workouts.
My question is, can I do two workouts on a tuesday, or maybe one workout combined with some extra time on the trainer in a more steady power. Or do I select zwift workouts of 90+ min? Is strength training like squats etc as productive as power training on the bike?
Can I do a heavy workout on friday and then ride MTB the day after or is recovery more important than extra training?