Training advice

Started a 6wk FTP Builder plan a few weeks back, did the ramp test prior and was given 286w. I have now progressed through to half way through week 4. It has all been going smoothly, the sessions all seem about the right pace.

Here’s the issue I have: Last evening took part in Classic Race of Yorkshire, after finishing it re-estimated my FTP to 316w (I averaged 331 for the 22’ race). Have had a look at the next few sessions on the plan and it is now asking for 20-25w more in each block.

Should I;
A) attempt to finish off the program at the new watts?
B) manually reduce my FTP back to 286 and continue at the previous numbers?
C) Restart the program at the new FTP estimate?

Any advice would be much appreciated!!

Personally (with no technical training knowledge!) I would leave it at 316. You will surely get more out of it by pushing yourself that little bit harder.