Traing plan intensity gone up by 20% in a week

I’m an absoute beginner and did the ramp test lite and then started the FTP Builder - Foundation Training plan (duration 6 weeks).
the first 4 weeks were all managable and in my ‘range’ (i.e. within a percentage of the average in the ramp test).

The fifth week started with a Threshold Development activity, where the average (over an hour) for the activity was 20% more than the ramp test average. This acivity put me to the absolute limit.

My husband, who uses TrainerRoad doesn’t believe that the Threshold Development activity wattage is correct.

Not sure what to do next, but the threshold activity is close to killing me

Hi @Ingrid53

Threshold is not easy, it is riding at 100% of your FTP. Your FTP is the power you should be able to sustain for 60 minutes. this workout has you riding at FTP (yellow) for 22minutes.

So if it is to hard then your FTP may be set to high.

those training plans aren’t great in general, honestly. don’t feel bad about knocking the intensity down a few %

Thanks for your reply.
I found the problem. I assumed that my first test would correctly set the FTP, but that didn’t happen.
My FTP was set way to high.
I’ll do another test before I start a new program

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