Trainer Upgrades or Miscalibrated results affecting Category

Hi I am writing this from my 11 year old son’s account (I am his Dad) and I am re-creating the Topic title from the old ZwiftPower Forum that our cycling club, SDW, asked us to post on to correct an issue we have just identified relating to a series of 2000 watt power spikes during riding that have erroneously skewed Leo’s data.

Please could you remove two of Leo’s most recent rides, being the TEAM VEGAN Tofu Tornado - Veganuary STAGE 4 and the TDZ Stage 4: Group Ride so he drops back to Category D. These rides were affected by the 2000 watt power spikes that we are trying to get to the bottom of, hoping we have fixed it now.

If you look at his other rides you will see he is not a Category C rider, he only just turned 11 on Monday. A member of SDW has separately contacted the Veganuary race organiser to request that Leo be given the slowest time for the Stage 4 race, and this has been actioned.

Thank you very much and we look forward to hearing from you. Elliott (Leo’s Dad) and Leo.