Trainer Upgrade

Dear all,

Having recently joint Zwift with an ‘old’ Tacx Genius trainer (the non-smart one, just using a speed/cadence sensor), I am now faced with the decision whether to upgrade my Genius with a new Motor unit to support ANT+ FE-C or alternatively purchase a new 2018 KICKR Core (which costs 3 times more…).

While I have certain feeling about the hardware differences, are there any considerations with regards to the interaction of those trainers with Zwift?





If you are interested in a plug and play situation I would go with a trainer that you do not have to calibrate.  Apart from that, direct drive trainers allow one to enjoy the best experience from a riding perspective as well as claimed accuracy.  DC Rainmaker has a really in depth, yearly guide to trainers that you may want to check out and take a fair amount of time to read and digest all of the differences and similarities between different trainers at various price points.  

Good luck!

Thanks Fez,

Your comments are really helpful, much appreciated!

I read through DC Rainmakers reviews and quite naturally I am tempted to purchase a direct drive trainer. Then again, I am actually quite happy with my Genius (apart from the missing ANT FE-C support, which I could retrofit with a new motor unit). Call me nostalgic, but that perfume of warmed up rubber in my workout room is kind of homey :-).

But I get it that with regards to Zwift itself, whether I use a Genius Smart with ANT FE-C or a KICKR Core will not make any difference.