Trainer Type Specification

(Yama Karim) #1


I last posted this question to Zwift last May and still have not heard back.  I think it will be useful to know what kind of trainers people are using on Zwift.  It would be even greater to be able to select spcific trainer rides to get as close to real world group rides. For example, I should be able to ride with other smart trainer users, or even more specific, with those who are using Wahoo Kickr.  I understand that in the early days you were more concerened about populating the island with enough of any kind of riders.  But now since there are plenty of people signed on it would be great to ge closer to the full promise of Zwift; ride with others.  At this point, it is not exactly riding with others if I’m using a smart power trainer with accurate profile input and some others are riding on rollers with zero resistance.  In fact, I find riding on the Island sometimes demoralizing with so many ‘pro-level’ avatars.

Looking forward to hearing from you,