Trainer Resistance | Trainer Difficulty too low, Simulation and ERG mode do not work [January 2023]

disconnect it as controllable and use the tacx app to set the target watts as a temporary workaround

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I have exactly the same set up and the same problem.

According to the status page

Workouts: Operational
Jan 26, 2023: No incidents reported today.

How bad does it have to be before they declare an incident?

Just to help with data collection:

All fine here after a short test (did not test ERG).
Saris H3
Win 10
Bluetooth via Win10
-Resistance as normal on gradients
-Drops collecting as normal
-No strange power readings

Neither Erg or Sim working. Running on Windows 10, ANT+, Direto XR

EDIT: All seems to work normally using Bluetooth via the companion app

After the update, the ERG mode stopped working for me.
Machine Tacx Neo 2T.
Latest machine firmware. I tried to reconnect the machine, both through Ant + and through bluetooth.
The situation is not changing. The machine is operating normally. Power shows adequate, but Interval training cannot be done due to the fact that the ERG mode does not work.

Same issue here. I’m using an iMac and a Wattbike. ERG mode not working regardless of whether or not I connect via the Companion App. Also, on a normal ‘free ride’ i’m not feeling the changes in gradient through the Wattbike. Serious issue - loos like they rushed out 1.33 because of the Scotland map but something’s gone horribly wrong, especially for people like me who use workouts/ERG almost daily.

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Just did a quick test and can confirm there is no feeling of increased resistance when riding uphill. So not just ERG mode, seems the ability to control the Tacx Neo is not working at all. I did confirm my Tacx Neo was detected in the Controllable section on the Paired Devices screen.


After today upgrade Zwift wont make my hills harder. I didnt take any changes in my settings and on hills my elite direto not response.
As I see not only me have this problem…

Same issue for me since update and ERG mode not working:
Wahoo kickr 5
Macbook Pro

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Same issue. Attempted to ride at 5 am eastern time. I don’t use erg mode. Trainer not responding to changes in gradient. In fact, resistance seemed to decrease when going uphill and increased when going downhill. Could not consistently pair with either ANT+ or bluetooth. This is a major problem and Zwift is silent. I’m guessing they do not have the ability to rollback to the prior version (amateur software development practice) and are scrambling to figure out what broke.

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For what it’s worth I’m using:
Saris H3
Windows 10

Same issue with ERG not functioning and drops counter not changing. Started workout this morning and immediately noticed zero change in trainer resistance. Had to old-school it by shifting gears/adj. cadence. Worked fine before update 1.33.
Elite Direto,
Windows 10

Quote I just received from Zwift support:

“I’m very sorry to hear that this has happened, I know it can be a bit frustrating when this happens. If you’ll give me a moment I can see if we’ve been told anything about this issue.”

This is pretty hard to believe at this point:

“I do see that now, I’m very sorry that this has happened. We haven’t been told about this and have been using the troublshooting that Rowdy mentioned a couple of hrs ago, did any of that not work to get that working again?”


Same problem

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No solution. Waiting for support person to finish typing…

Zwift what are you doing about this major problem?

For the first time in my 4 years 4 days and 97,000km of Zwift membership, I am having serious concerns about whether I can trust Zwift as a reliable product and a capable organisation that meets my training needs. I am at this moment beginning to research the alteratives.

Get your act together Zwift, communicate to your loyal users and give us hope!


Wow… just wow…

From support:
“I’m sorry that didn’t work, I know that this can be frustrating, what I can do is ask for you log files for our upper tech support to look into and see what has changed, and see if we can figure out what caused this and get a fix in place. Would that be ok with you?”


Just here to drop another data point. I’m experiencing the same issue.
2014 Macbook Pro
MacOS 11.7.2
Kickr V5
ANT+ dongle yesterday was horrible.
Just tried Bluetooth (onboard, not companion app), and while it’s not sticking to the target like it was before the update, it does seem to be working. ± 5w instead the erratic hellscape of yesterdays workout