Trainer Resistance | Trainer Difficulty too low, Simulation and ERG mode do not adjust resistance [January 2023]

For what it’s worth I did not have troubles, Kickr Bike V1, Bluetooth, ran on an Apple TV 4K (at least the third but I think fourth.)

Yesterday started workout and resistance seemed light. Dropped cadence and resistance came up. Raised cadence and resistance dropped. Seemed to work correctly thereafter. My workout graphs track as I would expect.

Windows 10/Garmin ANT+ dongle/Tacx Neo 2SE/Tour de Zwift stage 6 - had no issues with resistance climbs. But saw a lot complaining about the resistance, ERG mode, drops accumulating (or not,apparently)

PC, Win 10, Tacx Neo, Bluetooth - rode TDZ stage 6 long today, business as usual (except no drops on the flats…). Seems to be an ANT+ issue? One difference perhaps - I had already Launcher 1.1.5 before the last update.

Kickr bike, PC with Windows 10: No erg mode control using Ant+ fec but erg does work using Bluetooth bridged through the companion app.

I’m using a pretty fast Windows 11 PC & Tacx Neo 2 connected via Ant+, installed the latest Zwift update and ERG is now broken in workouts and sim mode resistance is all over the place.
Windows 11 is up to date and has the latest drivers, Neo has the latest firmware and I don’t use the Zwift Companion App.

Everything was working great before I updated Zwift.

UPDATE: January 27

We have a fix for this issue that we’ll release today. Please see this other thread for details.


Same for me with ANT+ usb dongle on windows and Elite Direto.
It’s working well on Elite windows Apps with the same dongle.
So it Zwift related.

Same here.
Tacx Neo 2.
Tried Windows 10, Mac Os, pairing through Companion App, Ant+. BLE, nothing worked.
Does no one at Zwift test the updates before launch?

Yes. No testing was done at all. That’s the obvious conclusion. /s

Same issue like others regarding the ERG mode which doesn’t work with News version 1.33 . I have à Direto XR

Same weird resistance issued with wahoo kickr 2017. No resistance in uphills and strong resistance in downhills.

Zwift, you broke my ride expirience :thinking:

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I havent tried ERG mode, but gradient is not working properly.
I start my ride, no changes in resistance… then, from 40 min more or less of ride, it started to feel he gradient properly. I did do anything… just riding around and it works. Now I will try it today again

  • Tacx Flux
  • Ant+ via tacx antena
  • Desktop with windows 10 home

doesn’t work (though I can’t use bluetooth)

just allow us all to rollback to the previous version, and then fix & then test this one!

Erg mode not working after Zwift update 25.01.2023
Using Kickr, and Windows PC via Ant+ dongle.

Interestingly I used my partners ipad to try same workout over bluetooth and Erg mode works as normal.

Is it an Ant+ or Windows issue after update?


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Direto XR and ANT+ key. Zwift 1.33 is not able to control my trainer trainer anymore in ERG mode.
It has ruined my workout of the day.

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And… all is working now. Don’t know what happened, I rebooted the pc, launched Zwift and like magic erg mode started working again. I did a sprints workout, quite demanding on erg, and no major issues (just a slight glitch once when finishing a sprint, erg took more than usual to set the new level).

Maybe Zwift updated itself with the patch in the background…

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Kickr core 2018
Windows 11 ant+
Erg is all over the place.
So glad to see this post, I thought my trainer broke.
Pretty unfortunate I encountered this problem on my FTP ramp test :frowning:

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Guess we’re not getting that bug patch today after all. :roll_eyes:

You can add me to that long list, had 2 nights ruined because of this…
Hope I’ll get the patch for tomorrow’s session.

Still a good part of “today” left if you’re operating in Pacific Standard Time.