Trainer Resistance | Trainer Difficulty too low, Simulation and ERG mode do not adjust resistance [January 2023]

Thanks for the info!

No problem Windows 11 ,Tacx flux BT Connexxion restarted everything just tot make sure :person_shrugging:

Wahoo Kick’r connected to Zwift with Ant+ dongle does not work. Wahoo Kick’r connected via Bluetooth via PC everything works fine. Please let us know when you fix the bug so I can get back to using Ant+ with my device. Software Windows. Thank you

Also have an SB20 using an iPad for zwift. Cadence and power were available but bike couldn’t be found to control resistance. It’s not a Bluetooth issue as I could do an erg workout using the stages app on the same device

+1 here, Wahoo Snap. No control of resistance. Happened to be on a resonable one, so I could still ride, but annoying.

My Neo bike isn’t connecting correctly. Wonky also treadmill will not see zwift at all on I pad (updated) but I phone not updated yet works fine on both

Elite suito, Windows 10. Same problems. When you will solve the problem?

Same problem here. Elite Suito-T, windows 11, ANT+ and BLT.

No sign of an updated version/fix pushed when starting my workout this morning, so attempted a workaround mentioned here. Swapped all 4 sensors on my Tacx Neo over to Bluetooth from ANT+ and everything seemed to work normally/as expected

Exactly the same issue this morning after update. This needs sorting as it is unusable at the moment

Tried it for my Hammer H1 (Win10 / ANT+), unfortunately the callibrations fails, too. :frowning:

Same, Elite Direto X

Zwift in this post has said another update within 24hrs. Going to be sorted!! I’m just glad it’s not just me and laptop/trainer isn’t goosed. it’s going to be alright!

Is the update also affecting other trainers? I have a Jet Black Z1 Pro fluid and after the iOS app updated today and doing the latest Tdz stage my wattage numbers have dropped considerably given my effort hasn’t dropped.

Zwift: please, please, please do a lessons learned process after this. We’ve all sadly come to expect new bugs following updates but this has been the biggest omnishambles yet. Zwift has transformed indoor training but you are abusing our loyalty and your dev/testing team becoming a laughingstock. That can’t be great for internal morale. This latest clusterf### deserves a public apology from the Board and an outline of how things are going to change.


If I am being generous my guess would be the focus was very much on the new Scotland map and getting that sorted and so these other bugs were missed before rolling out

Tried calibration for ant+ and bluetooth on my kickr both failed.

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But why a new ANT+ driver on Windows? For Scottland? I doubt.


24 hours later and the problem still exists. Zwift - let’s get this resolved quickly - this is taking far longer than necessary.


Hopefully Zwift can take some learning from this. Had to do my whole session yesterday with no erg, though there is some fixed resistance .
Tried everything, re setting, re installation, calibration via wahoo (calibration on zwift is impossible couldn’t get up to 23mph)
Been using Zwift for years, this has to be the biggest problem yet.
ANT+(also tried Bluetooth)
Glad to see its been looked at, would be great to have a roll back option on updates.