Trainer Resistance Issues (Mainly on iOS Devices)


(Vim Fuego) #82

Thanks @Jon for the update. Posts like that are sincerely appreciated. Glad to hear it was a regression as that certainly fits the timelines too. In my case, the issues have never been whilst leaving the room, but could potentially be drop-outs. Fingers crossed the fix clears things up. Either way…thanks for the update.

(Mark Samuelson) #83

Will this update happen automatically or will we have to delete and reload the app from the Apple Store

(Kevin Lewis) #84

It’ll be automatic, as usual

(Clive King [KRT]) #85

it depends on your AppleTV settings. I always find its best to check App store and apply update before launching zwift once its available. I’ve been caught out many times with AppleTV not updating automatically.

(Clayton Bigsby) #86

Well, I did as suggested …Unpaired devices, log out …blah blah blah…in order …

Logged back in launched reconnected…same thing 0 to + or -1 felt like 0 to + or - 5…

Original post # 55 above…

Gradient of 1% suddenly feels like 5% on Direto
(Clayton Bigsby) #87

BTW never left the bike, always within 4’ of my computer…never paused connections.

Gradient of 1% suddenly feels like 5% on Direto
(Kevin Lewis) #88

Would it be possible to let us know when this has gone through QA successfully and been sent to Apple? I assume you send iOS and tvOS versions simultaneously?

(david) #89

Same issue. no resistance changes during a ride, ATV, tried various models of KICKR. No other devices connected except the KICKR

Please fix, it’s killing the Zwift experience!

(Thomas Martin) #90

Due to this issue I deactivated my Zwift-Account…didn’t have that much fun while zwifting…
Hope the update can fix this issue.

(Joakim Sundén SZR) #91

Have had issue since one month back.
1% climb feels like 4-5%.
But only for the first 25 min or so.

Today I lost connection completlly with my Direto for the first time since october -17… no other BT connection other them my MacBook Air that stands 40 cm from my bike.

Had to restart the Direto and them everything worked fine.

(Kevin Lewis) #92

Version 1.0.31648 is out in the App Store.
Fixed Bluetooth issue that could cause loss of control of smart trainers

Thanks Jon and the rest of the team.

(( C)raig) #93

Hello @Jon I experienced an issue probably related to this on this mornings ride, I opened a Zwift ticket before reading this thread. What I was seeing was ERG all over the place, and the power on the AppleTV Zwift App was out of sync with what was showing on the Companion App. HR & Cadence were in sync.

I almost aborted the workout, as I was getting frustrated. The Apple TV was saying pedal faster/more power but at the same time the Companion App was saying pedal slower/less power, and the ERG seemed to be confused and fluctuating, my legs even more confused!

I have only been riding Zwift a couple of weeks this winter season, but my experience of Zwift on AppleTV so far has been a lot worse than I remember last winter on AppleTV. I’m running on same hardware, albeit the software has been upgraded tvOS, iOS, KICKR firmware & Zwift Apps, etc I was expecting a better experience, after a year or so of the release of Zwift on AppleTV, not so :frowning:

(Clive King [KRT]) #94

how did you find out about this release ? on App store?

(Kevin Lewis) #95

Yep. In the App Store this morning.

(Jon Mayfield) #96

Hey all, just came in here to announce that the update is live now in the store, but I see Kevin already found it.

It’s on iOS/tvOS only at the moment, we’ll see if we can get the mac version out today. Please give it a few rides and see if its better for trainer control. We definitely fixed 2 cases where trainer control could break, but that isn’t to say there aren’t other ways such a thing could happen.

To verify you have the new code, your title screen version on iOS/tvOS should say 1.0.31648 or higher.

No resistance in climbs / Wahoo Kickr
Kickr ERG mode and spindown with Apple TV
(Jon Mayfield) #97

Craig, sorry if I missed it - what trianer are you using? Really us trying to relay bluetooth through the companion app is a hack to work around apple’s strangely limited bluetooth on AppleTV. Can you try not using the companion app and see if direct bluetooth works ok? You shouldn’t need to use the app if you just pair HR and smart trainer. I’m curious if it works fine that way, as it’d tell us at least the support for your trainer is working properly in the basic use case. It’d be a good data point for troubleshooting this.

(( C)raig) #98

Hello @Jon, I updated the App on AppleTV yesterday and my experience has been a lot better a quick test ride, and a workout this morning. ERG response was OK. I use a 2017 KICKR (MkII), I also use cadence sensor, so I do need to use companion due to number of devices. I do have some comments though for you to think about with the team:

  1. The minimum spec for iOS devices should be reviewed for the companion App. A iPhone 5s may have been OK a year or so ago, but an old 5s, with new iOS 12.x, with old battery, will run a lot slower today than it would have a few years back. Maybe minimum spec should be revised? Do QA test on minimum spec equipment? I know you said its a ‘hack’, if this is the case, the ‘hack’ should have best hardware that gives the ‘hack’ best chance of running reliably.

  2. An alternative ‘Companion Lite’ App - remove all the Map, Ride On, Messaging, arm flick stuff just use the ‘Lite’ App to connect BLE devices to AppleTV. Give it the best chance of keeping good connections to BLE devices, rather than have to update map graphics etc. Riders can have a choice of either the full App or the ‘lite’ App

  3. Educate support staff - I created a ticket with AppleTV in description and in body of text, I was asked by support to send in my log files for them to review!?!? They should be familiar with the limitations of the software on AppleTV. When something doesn’t work as it should, and we ask for help, its rubbing salt in the wound when the support agent responds with wrong information and asking for information that is unavailable.

  4. Automate the data collection/telemetry - Zwift are asking for us to manually give version info, eg in this thread. Surely you can collect this information when a ride is uploaded? This should be available when tickets are opened, linked to the Zwift rider ID, eg support agent has info about the rider, how long have they been using Zwift (experinced), info about their environment hardware, trainer, software, App versions etc. Maybe an option when saving ride to give a ‘thumbs up’ - everything OK in the ride , or a ‘thumbs down’ something didn’t work quite right. This can then be correlated to see patterns.



(David Gibbs (Red Rider)) #99

The update fixed the issue for me.

I actually had no problem with Zwift on my Mac.

(D rew CINCH BOOM) #100

I have a support ticket going with Zwift now with no material feedback. I have (2) TACX NEO trainers on the latest firmware. And have tested this with 3 computers and 1 ipad. The experience starts out the rapid fire increase and decrease of resistance - immediate and dramatic. It feels like a machine gun with massive swings of resistance and at random intervals. That goes away after 3 minutes or so. And then there is no terrain. I’m basically spun out at 300W in my lowest gear on the flats and there is no increase of resistance when I go up hill. I’ve replicated this on 3 computers and 1 ipad across 2 trainers on the same upgraded firmware. Zwift is unridable and the experience is so terrible. it’s actually dangerous at times because the resistance can randomly just drop entirely simulating a chain break. I’m afraid this will break a leg.

I hope zwift can focus on fixing what exists today because new roads and worlds are useless if we cannot ride what is here today.

(( C)raig) #101

Exactly!! :+1: