Trainer out of sync with avatar

Had a frustrating experience with the ZRL team time trial last night. Normally I use AppleTV with my Hamer H2 trainer through a bluetooth connection and it is pretty reliable. For racing I run my PC with an ANT+ connection so I can navigate the menus (because the Apple remote sucks so bad). Last night I did 4 prerides with pace partners with the PC setup…everything worked and felt normal. In the team time trial when it was our time to go, my avatar wouldn’t move. I had to put down nearly 800 watts to get any movement out of my avatar. For the entire TTT my inputs to the trainer were way out of sync with what my avatar & those of my teammates were doing on the screen. This was frustrating to say the least and made it impossible to get a rhythm going. Hoping this is something that can be fixed. Thanks.

Had the same issue (& more) last night again in the ZRL race. At the start my avatar was out of sync with my power inputs on my H2 trainer. Despite my wt/kg power input being far great than those around me I got shelled out the back (& visually, my avatar was barely pedaling despite that fact I was hammering and showing ~5wt/kg).

It gets worse. I pound out a pretty good 20 min climb ~300 watts, making up 25 spots that I lost due to the start issue, then as I summit all resistance to the trainer is lost for the remainder of the race. I’m now pedaling ~120 rpm, barely moving, and barely showing any power, finishing dead last. Connections are intact, data is still transmitting…just no resistance from the trainer.

Last night I was running the most recent Zwift update on my PC with an ANT+ connection to my H2. I’ve reached out to Saris but haven’t heard back. I’m trying to determine if this is hardware, software, or wireless. I think I’ve ruled out the wireless connection. My issues seem isolated to events and FTP tests in ERG mode.