Trainer effort setting

Not sure if this is the right category. When you do the TDZ level A does the direct drive smart trainer setting automatically default to higher than 50%? I ask this as today I did stage 7 and compared the ride to a Watopia one I did 4 weeks ago. Today it took me 25 minutes longer to complete TDZ versus a 4km longer Watopia ride previously. Climb, average power and average HR all otherwise similar. But burnt 300 calories more today suggesting higher effort otherwise. Overall I feel fitter so can’t explain this anomaly other than thinking trainer effort must have defaulted to a higher setting. Thanks Gerry

The dirt circuit in the jungle is much slower than tarmac when on a road bike. An MTB is better in the jungle. Could that explain the difference that you saw?

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Thanks Steve that’s interesting! I’m pretty new to zwift and wondered why so many people were on MTBs. Suspect that could be the answer then.