Trainer Difficulty Setting

  1. What is the reason why resistance in climbs gets lost? 

  2. What would be the most realistic road feel setting? There are times when I set the trainer difficulty setting beyond half point that some climbs get to feel “unreasonably” tough to climb? 

  3. My bike buddy and I both use Tacx Neo Trainers and when we select a course route (example: londlon loop), we are not able to ride together because zwift takes us to different turns and places… we started together but it does not follow the pre selected course… why is this so?

I agree about #2. At 100% on my Hammer smart trainer, hills are tougher than they would be in the real world. I set mine to 40% which seems to work well plus allows me to put out power going down hills.

Number 3. Never had issues with routes not being followed. Sounds like the wrong London loop was selected by one of you i.e. London loop or Greater London loop.

Same London loop selected… could it be that one of our internet connections is intermittent?

A ‘nice to have’ would be an actual number next to the slider