Trainer Difficulty setting reverts to maximum [October 2022]

Correct? No.

It’s not surprising TD is so poorly understood when high profile, long established members of the community continue to explain it as a gearing adjustment.

I used to think that’s what it was, and have asked the question on this forum years ago; “what TD do I need on my trainer bike to make it feel like my road bike?” or how do I simulate a 32 sprocket when my largest is a 24. (paraphrased). Of course, no one could answer because that’s not good TD works.

So in other words, the game is putting you effectively into a lower gear than your bike is really in or has available.

Well, it’s going to scale across your gear set, (because it will feel like you are climbing a 5% grade vs. 10%) so you won’t be shifting as much at a lower TD, but at the end of the day the biggest difference is you will grind less on steep inclines at your lowest gear. So I’m not sure why comparing it to a different set of gear ratios is a bad way to think about it.

On flat it will have no impact, on a climb the grade will feel halved at 50% TD, so conceptually I don’t see why it’s such a bad thing to have people think of it as different gearing on a climb.

I have this same problem since last update. Have Wattbike Atom and use Samsung Galaxy

Anche così il problema non viene risolto!!!

I have the same issue on android AND on my iPad, so it’s not just android.
Adjusting the difficulty setting, leaving the settings and going back and it’s back to 100%.

Having the same, unfortunately, and I just started with ZWIFT

I can’t adjust my trainer difficulty; it’s always stuck at Max. I’m using a Samsung Galaxy Tab s8 running Android 11.

I’m able to slide the orange bar in the settings, but when I ride it’s still maxed out. When I open the settings again, it’s back on Max. I’ve tried deleting the cache, uninstalling and reinstalling and can’t get it to work.

Any suggestions or known fixes?

Do you expect the fix to be in 1.32?

Same here. From the date, this has been going on for over a month!?

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I had the same problem but I am also having the problem of my Trainer Difficulty being stuck on MAX is yours OK on the S20 or are you stuck at MAX???

Hi I’ve been encouraged to put an article here by support. 3 weeks ago I noticed that my “trainer difficulty” was set to MAX and even though I changed it it had no effect and went back to MAX, making steep climbs impossible. There were many other reports of others with the same issue. My trainer is a Wahoo Kickr

So I updated my Android 13 Samsung S20 Ultra 5G to the latest versions and made sure I had the latest version of Zwift. Boom !!! Well that just broke everything and Zwift would crash after Bluetooth pairing before a ride would even start, if you skipped pairing it would start but then crash if you opened anything. Support were helpful after a few contacts and told me this was a problem with the new UI and they have rolled it back. This hopefully will be fixed in the next release. Now my Zwift works again BUT the trainer difficulty is still stuck at MAX. I also noted that the volume controls (same sliders) on the settings page also have NO EFFECT too… so I am suspecting a bug here with how the slider data is read back into Zwift - basically it doesn’t work.

This has left me Zwiftless for 3 weeks now, I can ride the flats of course but that’s not much fun is it. Any ideas out there, I know this is a common problem but Zwift Support cannot seem to resolve it?

Still stuck on max. A fix is only expected with the next zwift software update. No idea when that is due… It’s not the end of the world but still quiet annoying…

Shuji posted in the thread about the RoboPacer multiplier being stuck at 2.0 rather than 2.5 that the fix for that would also be in the next update, and would be “in a few days”.

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Same problem here usung the S22. Do we get a months refund as Zwift not at all enjoyable set at max difficulty :frowning:

Nope, see below.
We’re still working on the return of this issue. Today’s 1.32 had a lot of bug fixes, but not this one. We’ll keep you updates as we make progress on it.

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Seriously ?

Real riders tackle Pot Bank and Libby reverse(?) at 100% anyway.* :wink:

  • With the option of a 26/36 gear on the hybrid, or 34/34 on the road bike.

So if there is a known issue do we get a refund for the month? I’ve cancelled my auto subscription for now and guess it’s time to try the likes of BKool and Rouvy :frowning_face:

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No. Always.