Trainer Difficulty setting reverts to maximum [October 2022]

This is not necessarily the solution. I can’t spin the pedals from the moment my trainer connects to Zwift (from the first setup screen). I mean I can, but resistance is super high.

This works sometimes for me too, but sometimes not. Then I cut the power to trainer and reconnect. Then however I often times get super low resistance from my trainer.

Hello @K_Ege, welcome to the forums!

This doesn’t sound good, what kind of trainer do you have and how do you connect to Zwift (bluetooth or ant+)?

Hi @K_Ege welcome to Zwift forums.
I moved your post into this thread, as it seems you’re running into the trainer difficulty setting itself to 100%.

We’ll update this thread as we make headway on a fix.

Hello All

I have a Saris H3 and run Zwift off an android phone. Lately I have noticed that the trainer difficulty is on Max, and when I slide it down to my usual 50% and then press ok to save it, it won’t stay at 50%. Is there anyone having the same problem or knows what the problem may be.


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Hello all

I have the same issue as Like describes.

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I mean Luke🙈

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Same problem new kickr v5 trainer this week stuck at max 100 difficulty even when changed to 0 or 50. Go back in the app and set to 100 again. Android phone Help!

hi dude,V6 here as well + 25000km of Zwift and level 50 almost… the trainer difficulty should be always at 100% otherwise u are fooling yourself and riding like an idiot.

I’m not sure what your level 50 has to do with a trainer difficulty bug.

Maybe one day you’ll find yourself in a situation where you are recovering from being badly injured and have to put the difficulty down in order to be able to turn the pedals when starting on a flat section.

I had to use this function for a while, but I’m using 100% again now that recovery is progressing properly.


This is not correct. Trainer difficulty is just like changing your bike gear ratios.

Having a 34-32 gear ratio at 100% is no different than having a 46-22 at 50% TD.


now you don’t know what you are talking about !!! the trainer difficulty is related to Zwift Sim
mode !!! how you feel the changing of gradients,
with 50% set a gradient of 5% will feel 2,5% and a descent of -5% -2,5% only, at 0% difficulty all
will be flat roads, look at Shane Miller Zwift video on this and then u will learn !!!

This has been debated many many times.

With changing grearing on your bike you can simulate 50% TD the same as doing it with 100%.

Let’s ask what is your smallest gear on the bike.

And as we all know changing your gearing only has half the effect on downhills and no effect on the flat :wink:

I have reinstalled Zwift on my Mac and i still have the bug of trainer difficulty stuck at max.

Deleting data en cache in the Zwift app on my Android devices before starting Zwift works for me that the trainer difficulty stays in the middle. So there is hope😁

I tried that this morning and it didn’t work. Zwift, is there an ETA on when the update will be coming?

I have tacx neo2t trainer. Same problem with Tr Diff jumping up to 100% despite uninstalling etc and trying on other devices. I use android samsung phone for zwift and have tried on lenova tablet with same result. There is no pattern…sometimes it stays on 50% but jumps up to 100% on its own for no known reason. Same as others on this forum thread. Very frustrating. I may have to cancel zwift and try rouvy instead??

Same problem time after time TD stuck on 100%…it’s ruining my racing as I’m not using the controllable trainer element because when hitting a 5% gradient in the race its like hitting a brick wall…ridiculous and its driving me crazy