"Trainer Difficulty" is brilliant

(Jimbo Solvang - (62)) #1

I am a Computrainer user. Until the latest update my only concern was whether the effort on the climbs was realistic. I ride a 50/34 chain set with 12/27 cassette. On the original island and new one I was able to do all the climbs in the 50 front ring with my cadence never dropping below 70 rpm. I can’t do that on a 12% climb outdoors. I hadn’t realized that Zwift was set at about 50% of actual grade in terms of difficulty. I cranked the Trainer Difficulty up to the max for today’s first ride of the island in the opposite direction. Voila ! I had to drop to the small ring for the long climb and a couple of the short steep bits. Just like riding outside! A big thank you on the new setting!

(Jason K) #2

Glad you’re enjoying it! :smiley:

(Doug Goglia) #3

It makes riding Zwift much more realistic.   Thanks.

(Mark Randall) #4

I agree. I’m liking the more realistic resistance of 100%.

(eric bosshard) #5

quick question on this old thread.  I end up “spinning out” with the downhills.  And on the uphills I never have to get out of my big ring.

Am I correct that if I turn up the difficulty to 100% I will

a-Get ride of both of these “problems.”  Which means I will be less likely to run out of big gears for the downhills, and will have to actually change the front ring on the uphill

b-Not lose speed in the process.

c-not mess things up for when I get around to doing some workout mode sessions.

d-Be doing the equivalent of moving from a subcompact crank to a compact or standard.  use different gears, have ability to push harder on downhill, but no change in ability to generate watts and speed (and actually may be able to generate more of both on the downhills)

I am curious why the default setting is 50% rather than normal.  perhaps so people didn’t get killed on the climbs?

Thanks for any help.  LIke some others I have read on this subject, I don’t want to make a change and mess things up (but I suppose I can just dial it back).



(Scott Emery TekneCC) #6

I find that increasing the intensity highlights the slight “lag” time in resistance to my kickr. When I approach a hill, Zwift shows a sudden increase in wattage before I actually feel the resistance of the grade. So what happens is that my initial speed is incredible starting up the climb, but soon fades when “reality” kicks in :frowning:

All in all 0 I think it is a great feature. I have left it at aprox 75% difficulty for now.

(David Tyler ZHR (G)) #7

I noticed the same thing Scott.My KickR slows down too quickly and ramps up the watts. Even though I’m changing down gears ready for the climb and not pedalling hard.

I much prefer the 100% setting though as this makes it more realistic to the road but I’m having to work much harder than the riders around me to keep in a group.

I’m surprised at the gradients are treated as 50% less than reality. Do you go 50% slower?

I nearly stopped using Zwift as it wasn’t realistic enough. In 100% resistance, 250 wats feels like 250 watts.



(Y ohans) #8

Think of the trainer setting like different sets of gears…

Granny gears - 0%

Compact gearing - ~50%

Big Ring - 100%.

Thats all.

So it doesn’t matter what the setting is, 250 watts is 250 watts whether you’re spinning in granny gears or muscling in the big ring.

(David Tyler ZHR (G)) #9

Hi Y ohans

Yes that sort of makes sense. But 0% does not give a realistic road feel.

If you on 0% going up a 10% gradient, you can do that in the big ring at a cadence of 105 to produce a wattage of 250.

At 100% you would be in the smaller ring at a more realistic cadence 70/75 to produce the same wattage.

The figures are hypothetical but you get my drift.

Do you know what the default setting is? 

(Y ohans) #10

50% I think.

(David Tyler ZHR (G)) #11

Thanks Y ohans


(Chris Leather) #12

Just found this feature today. Quite excited about it. However, didn’t have my trainer wheel on so tyre was slipping all over the place…