Trainer and HRM connection error during workout and group rides only

If I start a group ride or a workout I will get Connection Error displayed in the corner and no inputs are recorded by Zwift. This only happens using my Android Tablet which is a Samsung Galaxy 7FE, if I connect to my phone instead (Google Pixel 3XL) it all works fine.

I can use my tablet without issue if I just select a route and ride, it is group rides and workouts only.

My HRM is a Wahoo Tickr and my trainer is an Elite Drivo and I’m using Bluetooth connection for everything.

Hi @David_Cockburn_ROZ

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What you’ve explained sounds oddly situational. It’s unclear why your paired devices will disconnect from Zwift on your Samsung Galaxy Android tablet, but only when doing group rides or workouts.

Since you mentioned that your devices pair fine on the Samsung Android when you select a route and ride, have you tried doing that, but then pressing the MENU button in-game, going to a workout, and then starting the workout? Does that allow you to participate in the workout?

What if you select a route, press to RIDE, and then sign up for an event using the Zwift Companion (ZC) app? When prompted to join an event in that scenario, are you able to join the event and do your devices remain paired to Zwift?

I will try starting a workout and joining an event tomorrow, when I next go on Zwift.

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