Track Route Times Better

Currently, Zwift only tracks times for certain routes (Hilly Loop), sprints and KOMs. Zwift should track your time for all pre-defined routes. This would include routes like The Pretzel, The Four Horsemen, etc. There should be leader boards and personal records associated with these as well. Those at the top of the leader board should get a jersey or some other in game bling that signifies their accomplishment.

A jersey earned for longer routes should be worn for longer, even if they get dropped from the leader board. For example, if there were a jersey for The Four Horseman ti would make sense to have the privilege of wearing it for say a week. Otherwise, a winner of the jersey would likely complete the route, get the jersey, but then be done riding because of how long it takes to ride The Four Horsemen. The winner should get to bask in the glory a bit longer.

Please dont make everything on zwift a race,many of us are not here to compete all the time,if you want to race there are plenty of those😉


I like the idea of seeing your time for the course you chose - even if there’s not a leaderboards, you can see your PR for four horseman, etc.


I agree I would like to see my time on courses and go for a PR. Please add this feature or at least make it a segment on strava.

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All the courses are segments on Strava look for the “Zwift Insider verified”

I really would enjoy this feature - even more so if you can see a “ghost” of your best time to date which you can use a pace setter (similar to how Gran Tourismo used to do it on PlayStation driving game)

I’m not a big racer on Zwift but beating my previous times for a route is very motivating for me personally