ToW2020: solo group ride and tracking ToW stage progress

Yesterday I joined a group ride, B, participating in the ToW first stage.

However, I saw no other riders after I started riding, and the activity said “rode with none”.

My question is: did something go wrong here, and how can I see whether I completed stage 1 of ToW2020?


Hi @Coen_Kooiker

Welcome to the forum,

If you open the companion app you can see at the top there are numbered circles once you complete a stage it will be coloured.

also in the startup screen where you pic worlds and routes you will see the different stage on the top left hand side, there will be a check mark if you completed the stage.

Check that you are on the latest Zwift software version.

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I had what was probably a similar problem to Coen. I signed up for stage 5 yesterday prior to the race, log on to zwift and it gives me the join event prompt like normal. When it changes worlds for me, my avatar is off in the grass with no one around. I can see people’s texts so I am pretty sure my internet connection is working. Countdown hits go and I start riding, the leaderboard shows my position relative to other riders, but I can’t see anyone even though there were riders listed as being only a second ahead of me. When I completed the distance, there was no finish line (I did an extra mile just to be sure), there was no finish line. Also, the ride did not give me credit for the stage in the ToW nor did it upload to strava, although it does show up on my profile and on the companion app. I have had this issue a couple of times before, always with very large groups. I am guessing that it is due to a weak internet connection, but could you confirm or let me know if there is some obvious fix I am missing?