TOW stage 7 tt bike paint job

(Andrew) #1

Completed the seven stages.
The blue star is there next to my garage suggesting the new item is there.
Once in the garage nothing new showing, I don’t seem to have the TT bike paint job available.
Anybody else experiencing this or know what I’m doing wrong?

(Iztok) #2

Hello, I have the same problem, showing me a blue star, like I have 1 new item in a garage, but there is nothing new in the garage.
For the paint job, I think it is only for Zwift Aero bike and not for a TT.

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(Andrew) #3

Thank you :+1: you’re absolutely right.
I mistakenly thought it was for the TT bike but it isn’t. It’s for the aero bike.
Cheers :ok_hand:

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(Christopher) #4

Hi, can anybody tell me where to find the paint job. The only thing I see is the colour slider when I select the aero bike.

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(Gerrie Delport TeamODZ) #5

Hi @Christopher_Motz: You have to shot down and restart Zwift for the completion of the Tour to take effect.

I will post a picture later today.

(Seth) #6

Here ya go. If it’s not showing up, you may have to close and restart Zwift for it to reacquire the needed data from the servers at start up.

:clap:t2: Good job on clearing Tour of Watopia! :clap:t2:

(Gerrie Delport TeamODZ) #7

Thanks @Seth_Steen.

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(😺🐾) #8

I got the Zwift Aero with the colorful paint job after completing TOW, but the blue star is stuck there permanently unlike when I receive other items after I click to view them the star disappears. Is this a feature or bug?

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(Nigel) #9

I also have the issue with the ‘new item’ badge not disappearing since receiving the ToW paint job, even after selecting it for my bike. Perhaps the next update will fix it.

(David) #10


Seriously though … did you finish with Stage 7 and have another prize awarded for completing the ascent of Alpe du Zwift that you haven’t viewed yet?

(😺🐾) #11

Nope, there are no other new items in the garage/drop shop. I even made sure by going into each sub-category and nothing. I’ll have to see if it goes away by advancing into the next level.

(Aaron) #12

I have the same experience. I still see a token on the garage icon after opening every item in both my inventory and in the drop shop.

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