TOW Stage 7 - Disappointed to not see the Yeti

After reading the hype about the Yeti in the description for Stage 7, I was really excited to finally see the actual creature, as opposed to the Yeti Tree at turn 9. Unfortunately I didn’t see him while completing Stage 7 this morning. I also didn’t see any chatter about him in the messages during the ride so I assume no one else did either. It’s very possible that I just missed him, as I was occasionally distracted with pushing my pedals.

I’m curious if anyone else caught sight of him during their ride of Stage 7. From the hype in the descriptions I assumed he would be a fixture for this stage, but perhaps his presence is just as random as any other ascent up the Alpe. I would totally ride the stage again if I he’s really there.

Are they using the same code as for the train in Fuego Flats?

First time I rode the desert, I heard but didn’t see the train. Second time, It came thundering past as I rode through the town (and managed to snag a screenshot). Since then, half a dozen rides through the desert courses without even a sniff of the train.

Maybe the yeti appear with a similar frequency.

I’ve seen the train twice or thrice and road runner once on Fuego Flats.

Maybe you just got unlucky with the Yeti.

I seem to see the train every single time I do Fuego Flats which makes about 20x now. As for the Yeti, over 30 trips up AdZ and I’ve only seen him like 3 or 4x :man_shrugging:

I’ve seen both the train and the roadrunner. In 21 ascents of the Alpe I’ve caught a glimpse of the Yeti once, at a great distance. The lightweight wheels are less rare than the Yeti, with the spinner landing on them 4 times in 21 ascents.

I was just hoping the Yeti was going to be front and center for the Tour event. It would have been so cool if he were standing on that rock at turn 9 waving as you go by.


There are three different “Z” men running around Bologna. The elusive Yeti is on the back of the Alp jersey. I agree there should have been something special for this stage.

Hi Aaron,
can you tell me where you have seen the Roadrunner please?
Which section and side of road if you can describe it.
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I’ve seen the roadrunner many times. If I recall correctly it is somewhere between the sprint banner and the oasis on the left side of the road (riding clockwise from the start pens).

The fruits of your 7 stage labor will be rewarded perhaps with no Yeti, but with the only quad color frame in the game. Worth it.


Did the Stage 7 today and also very disapointed to see no Yeti.
I wrote in the group chat, if anyone sees him, to give a shout. No one did.
I rode the Alpe many times before and did never see him.

In the Fuego Flats I see the Roadrunner and Train nearly every time.

Hi Mike,
thanks for the info. I managed to see the the Roadrunner today.

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Just finished stage 7 … no sign of the Yeti for me either. Very disappointing, especially with him getting an official shout out in the stage info. Just stage 5 to catch up and then I can decide whether to ditch the Allez Sprint in favour the quad-colour Aero. Nice, trivial decision to have to make.

On a side note … what I love about the Alpe is 1 hour 28 minutes to get to the top, 8 minutes to get down again. When you are as big as me, I guess the laws of physics are on your side for the descent.


I thought he would be better looking

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I saw the yeti yesterday, on my second Alpe trip. It was just a regular ride, not a Stage 7 event.


you should win a prize for first photo.

Nice shot. Quite worried about him though … seems to be a little blue. Maybe he should put a coat on.

Where were you at when you passed him? Between which turns?

This was between turns 7 and 6.

I think that’s near where i had glimpsed him the one time. Just below the hard right between turns 7 and 6 on the left side of the road.