TOW Stage 6

Well here goes, updated Zwift today so this will be my 3rd attempt at stage 6 if crashes again I give up all other worlds work fine so fingers crossed and everything else RIDE ON

Good Luck,

It may be time to factory reset that i-pad.

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Do you think that would make a difference?

It can’t hurt. It sound like you have a lot of issues. So there must be something going on with your i-pad.

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I had the same problem. I logged in with no problem but almost as soon as the event started - complete crash of the Zwift software. I was able to restart the Zwift program within 2 minutes, but I could not get back into the event. I had no trouble doing a non-event ride at that point.

I have ONLY experienced this problem with events, never on a regular ride.

Unfortunately, there are no other scheduled times for ToW S6 that work for me - why no evening rides this weekend for N or S America?

Not doing any more TOW imaging doing the Alpe stage 7 and crashing out half way up NO CHANCE :rofl:

<rant>It’s not just his iPad. Beginning around the time of the update that included the desert course expansion, there has been an uptick in issues on all Apple devices and recently on older model Apple devices which are still within spec (i.e. meeting minimum requirements). Many of these users cannot start Zwift while some end up w/the Zwift crashing. Furthermore, there is another set of users who specifically state that the problems only occur in Watopia or even more specifically on the desert expansion courses.

Yesterday, I myself experienced being stuck in the pen after an event started. That was a first for me. When I mentioned it to a friend, he asked if I was doing Watopia Tick Tock. I said yes. Apparently, he and some other friends have also experienced the same problem on the same course multiple times. Perhaps it is coincidence, but that a lot of coincidences for a group of users who previously never have had any problems.

How many updates have there been since the Tour of Watopia started or just before? 5? 6? That’s almost 1/wk.


I would think it is time for Zwift to revisit the minimum spec.

My opinion is the new map is so big it is at the limit on what the devices can handle, probably a ram issue, and if something else is running in the background the map get to big.

It seems that if the map size were an issue for the device, I would be unable to load Watopia at all. I can easy ride Watopia EXCEPT for an event. There’s something about events that trigger a malfunction in Apple devices. I have experienced this with BOTH my iPad AND my iphone 7.

Events with a lot of riders put a lot of extra strain on the system.

There were no problems on TdZ with many more riders for each event.

that was before the Map size increased.

Zwift can revise the minimum spec. No problem with that. Once they do so, announce the new minimum spec, and a sunset date for the old spec, then you can suggest users upgrade their devices. Until then, assuming this is a hardware spec related problem, this is something that Zwift could/should have easily avoided with QA testing on minimum spec hardware.

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