TOW - Stage 5 takeaways

The long of the short of it. These roads aren’t ready for racing, yet. Good try but for now, the new roads are free ride only.

  1. The distance being off is nothing new in Zwift but this takes it to a whole new level. Coming into the final roundabout, you work down to 1.2km to go, then you enter the round about and it starts counting UPWARDS!!! WTF. It goes back up to 1.6km to go, then at the half way point around the loop, it starts going back down then, immediately drops to 800 meters to go. Come on Zwift, that’s just bad programming.

  2. Leaderboards :man_facepalming: The last 600 meters or so the leaderboard is all wonky because you can see all the people coming at you too. It’s complete chaos if you are using that to watch the people that you are racing.

  3. Elevation profile. There are many queries on this and I’m surprised it’s not something that has been addressed. In this case it shows the loop through the “Watopia National Park” that we can’t access yet. If I’m in a race/event, show me the route! Could you imagine the Tour de France about to go up the Alpe d’Huez but the graphic on the TV show you the Col du Glandon, just up the road? Maybe it’s time to stop being lazy and fix this?

  4. The gap notification. You can’t be in the middle of a multiple hundred person group and constantly be getting notifications that you are getting dropped. Please let me turn this off or fix it.

  5. Why put a 2+ km lead-in for a 15km stage? Are you trying that hard to make it look “clean” or what’s going on? Maybe I’m wrong here but I don’t think 17km of a flat stage will scare anyone off that isn’t already committed to a 15km flat stage.

  6. Who is who. The chaos of everyone being nearly identical is annoying at first when you are riding through hundreds of people but nothing as bad as the earlier stages in the ruins and the volcano.

  7. Gaps in the road. Sometimes you’ll be riding along and see a line, very similar to the segment timing lines on the road. I’ve heard of this and I think every world has this glitch. How can this be fixed?


The lead in is because the Start pen is not at the beginning of the lap, thus we have to travel X distance to get to the start of the first lap, from there multiple laps can be done without doing the lead in again. So total race distance is (lead in + (number of laps x lapdistanse))

Out of all these I find only #2 to be really annoying.

The distance thing is only an issue at first. Once I know the route then I can estimate the distance to other “checkpoints” along the route. (This doesn’t mean it should not be fixed :wink:)

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The distance error killed me on this one. I was pushing 110% FTP. At about 30 minutes in the count down went up from 0.9 mi to 1.0 mi (oh no), to 1.1, (what the ----), to 1.2, (oh my god when will it stop), before it began to count down again. I was beginning to get quite discouraged thinking there’s no way I’m going to be able to keep up this pace.

Good news, though… my FTP jumped from 250 to 260. I hadn’t tested it in a while. And thankfully I won’t need to now.


I attacked with “2km” to go. When I saw the distance to go counter going up, I was not amused and waited for the sprint (and got smashed by a bunch of aero helmets).

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I sorta ran that as an FTP test too. So what did you call your FTP based on that ride? I managed to push 240W and didn’t have much left at the end. I was thinking of saying FTP = 235W, although my ramp test a couple of weeks ago said 240W

I held 274 for 20 minutes during the ride so Zwift automatically updated my FTP to 260. I knew I had I increased from 250, but really didn’t want to do the test. I feel like I was pretty much all in so I’m comfortable with that number.

If you feel like you could produce more wattage under different circumstances then go with 240 and see how it goes in your workouts. Feel free to adjust it up or down a bit depending on how you perform in the workouts.