TOW - Stage 3, wrong route!

Hi there-

Although I am not 100% sure this is not my fault, I am posting it here in case others have experienced the same thing today.

I signed up for the 10AM GMT TOW stage 3 “C” route, which was the women’s only "mountain’ route. But when it started I found myself in the Tour to Sky route instead. I quit out of there pretty quickly, but it was disappointing!!

Has anyone else experienced this?? I did see one other person quit this ride as well, so not sure if it was my mistake or if its an error. I would like the option of riding the “c” route…

Yes, it happened to me today. all of a sudden I was all alone on a different route.

@Sheila_Leard I’m not sure this is the same thing… sometimes you can be all alone if your connection goes down (I think) but I wasnt alone. I was just in the wrong group completely, as the different groups have different routes.

What was it about the ride that alerted you that you were on the wrong route? Just curious so that I can understand the issue a little better.

Because the “C” ride is the mountain route. The “A” ride is the road to sky. And as I started to ride downhill, heading toward the Alpe, I knew it was not the Mountain route. I also then checked the distance, and it was the shorter distance, not correct for the mountain route distance.

There is a small chance I clicked on the wrong group, but I dont think I did. I also saw someone else I follow abandon the same time I did… but could have just been a coincidence.
I am going to try and ride this tomorrow and see what happens. I was on IOS, using the updated app on an ipad and also using the IOS companion app.

Did you start from the pens right near the jungle entrance, or did you start in the pens near the docks/downtown and have to ride a while before realizing you weren’t going the direction you thought? Strange bug (as well as a bummer) to end up in the wrong group. Ugh.

started in the pens near the jungle, with all the flowers… i was like, huh?? this aint the place sob

I truly did not even know those pens were in use yet.

Yes happendend yesterday for ALOT of people in my group ride, basically half the group had wanted to do the B ride but we all got thrown on the A ride instead, guess C is the same issue as B.

Basically Zwift did not do their job of QC testing that the events were linked to the correct route! Really annoying when you have been waiting to start that exact ride.
My best tip is to abandon and do the race which start about 10 minute later. That is not as long as the road to sky.

Ah HA! Thank god I was not going crazy!

So the LINK in the app or website was wrong when signing up… That is easily fixed on their end! :stuck_out_tongue: Although a total bummer for me. I tried signing up for the race actually, but I was too late!!
I guess there is no way of checking if you are in the wrong one, or even signing up for the correct one if the links are wrong. I guess you can figure it out once you are at the start (I could have figured it out if I had checked on the map where the pens where!).
I will still try to ride this, although not sure when.

Hi Shannon,

the B route which went up the volcano climb was working ok yesterday and the day before, if that is of help.