TOW Stage 2 completed but did not count [SOLVED]

I have ridden my zwift TOW 2 and I see it on my zwiftpower and strava but on my company app I have not ridden it that stage 2. How did that happen

is the event saved as public on zwift companion?

Yes because the first route was oke and the 2 route was not ride

It’s a known bug. There is a big thread on it some where on here, I stumbled across your post whilst looking for it again.

I got an email saying it was fixed but it doesn’t seem to be. I’ll link back to it if I find it again.

Here ya go main topic is thread 545549. Zwift won’t let me post a link

Same here…Show time and distance on dashboard but no TOW splash page an when I click on the activity it comes back with ‘Activity details count not be loaded’. Double checked it again just now and the issue is still there.

Just fixed here

Can we get a response from Zwift regarding no credit for stage 2? Is that a planned fix? Do it again? What’s the plan guys?

It is Easter Sunday in the US today, not sure they will be working and checking the forums. Others have contacted support and gotten credit, sounds like a bug.

Stage 2 has been credited!

I completed stage 2 today and the badge isn’t showing that i completed it. I did stage 1 and it showed that it was completed. But stage 2 doesn’t show the badge. Please help

I saved the ride like normal and it shows on my activities. But the badge isn’t there.

See here:

Although I got an eMail that I finished ToW Stage2 (in fact I did it twice during a day) it is not checked in game or companion app.

Anyone else has this problem?

Fixed at last!

Yes - public, and I downloaded the fit file from my.zwift too. I have the screenshot showing my completion time also.

It went across to strava automatically as usual, just not on zwiftpower, or giving me the badge.

I do…and I keep receiving emails of it been fixed but its not :frowning:

Still not been given the badge on ZC app.

Same issue here. Stage 2 still not appearing as credited a week after completed. Seems like a ton of people is having this issue.

I have to say I’m a bit disappointed with the bugs in zwift lately. Been using it since 2015. I organize 5 weekly meetups and the number of bugs in meetups is insane (wrong speeds, followers disappearing from follower list to create events, …) all well documented in forum threads for many months but still no solutions.

Just finished stage 3 and I still don’t have credit for stage 2. #Fail

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Exactly the same for me 2 hours of brutal climbing and saved to my activities but not showing as completed on the stage badges - I have sent email to support with screenshot, hopefully will be updated as don’t fancy doing the ride again!

We develop aviation apps where data connections can fail at any time and the app has to keep functioning. It’s probably something Zwift should look into as it seems like these problems relate to dropped data connections.
Until then, instead of using the Apple TV app, possibly it’s better to use the phone app with 3G and mirror to the TV?