TOW Stage 1

I took part in the TOW Stage 1 A tonight and spent pretty much re whole effort at what felt like threshold (276/3.4) for the whole 19 or so miles.

I did a spin-down as usual pre-ride on my Wahoo snap.

I was in a grupetto pretty much all the time. However my power (as displayed) was far lower than it usually is on solo rides. My average power came in at 214 W. Is this due to me spending > 99% of my time in double draft mode?

Or is it a calibration issue?

just standard wheel-on trainer shenanigans

Maybe, but I’ve not had any before!?

Spending most of your time in a group will likely have a significant effect on your power figures, yes. Whether that’s all if the discrepancy is impossible to know for sure.

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