ToW S7 - Credit

(Raoul) #1

Got an e-mail giving credit to me for riding ToW Stage 7, but I haven’t. Anyone else?

Wrong emails "Stage 7 Complete: Tour of Watopia" as I didn't complete it yet
(- Nige -) #2

I just got one too, not ridden it yet.

(Troy) #3

My dad and I got e-mails too. At work currently so can’t check if I got the unlock.

(Thomas Bernhardt) #4

I got an email “Stage 7 Complete: Tour of Watopia” and did not complete it today.

(Raoul) #5

thanks for the feedback, it seems to be generic.
cheers & ride on!

(Reed Markley) #6

I,too, just got a Stage 7 Complete email. I wish it was that easy. Will really do it later this week.

(Aoi) #7

Me too. I did do a ride yesterday on Watopia but not stage 7. Zwift still shows 5/7 events completed though. The only ones I haven’t done are stage 7 and the group workout stage (I think it was stage 3 or 4).

(Aaron) #8

Same. I haven’t ridden it yet. Planning to tomorrow morning. Looking forward to spotting the Yeti.

(Ned) #9

Got the same email, but haven’t ridden it yet. When I checked my progress it shows I still need to ride stage 7. Sounds like a global bug in their notifications.

(Simon) #10

Yep got the email overnight saying i completed it.

Then just received an email from Zwift apologising for giving me credit.

Looks like ill have to put in the work to complete it now!!!

(Cougie) #11

Completed the stage today. No emails from Zwift.

I did get the completion email that everyone else got without doing the stage though. Maybe they’d system can’t cope with the complexity ?