ToW Kit - Clarification

(David) #1

Would just like to clarify something with respect to the rewards for this year’s Tour of Watopia.

Not overly bothered about the paint job, as I rarely ride the Zwift Aero anymore (although maybe I will with the paint job in place), but I would like to achieve the kit.

I am intending to complete all 7 stages, which will render the question moot, but having been forced to miss the stage 5 week due to an unexpected hospital stay, who knows what other unplanned pleasures might arise over the next few weeks.

My understanding was that the kit was a reward for 5 stages being completed … and I have now completed 5 stages … 1, 2, 3, 4 and 6, but no kit. Have I misread how the rewards work and the kit is awarded after completing stage 5 (assuming you have also completed 1-4) rather than for completing 5 stages?


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(Forrest) #2

You are correct in assuming that the Tour of Watopia kit is unlocked for completing any 5 stages. However, the unlock isn’t awarded immediately upon crossing the finish line of your 5th event.

When you log into the Zwift app, it will check to see how many stages for the tour you’ve completed and reward the appropriate item.

In other words, the next time that you log into the game, you should find your Tour of Watopia kit waiting for you in your garage.

If for whatever reason the kit isn’t there, give our support team a shout and they’ll be able to get everything squared away for you. :slight_smile: