Tour of Wotpia - Did my ride count?

Does anyone know if there is a way to check if your ride has counted in the Tour of Wotopia? So far I have done all 5 events however I’ve just received an email that states…

“…Sign up for stages 5 and 6, spread across Three Sisters (stage 5) and Mountain 8 (stage 6)…” 

…but stage 5 finished yesterday. Also it states that ‘late joins won’t be counted’. What counts as a ‘late join’? For a few of the events I’ve joined well in advance but not actually started pedalling until maybe 30 minutes after everyone else has gone (as I had to do other stuff before I could get on the bike). Will this count? Certainly I saw a leaderboard when I finished the race, however I would have been very near the bottom due to setting off late - throughout the event it said I was 309th/350 etc.

I’m hoping a ‘late join’ means ‘joining the event after it has started’ as opposed to ‘joining before it starts - waiting in the holding area with everyone else - but then setting off late’

I don’t want to have to do all 7 events on the ‘make up day’ on the off chance that one of them doesn’t count :wink:



Randolph, just received the same email and have the same queries having done stages 1-5. Have joined an event and been on start line at 6pm but not been able to start pedalling till 6.05-6.10 say.  I cant do the later event at 8pm as I’d be finishing after 10pm on some of the stages.  I also don’t want to have to make up stages at the end. I’m guessing that maybe the kit will unlock at the end if you’ve completed all of the stages, hopefully before make up days.

Same. Got the email saying to sign up for stage 5 and 6. Stage 5 has been and gone and I did it last Friday 13th (NZ time).

They’ve also got the dates wrong. If you click the “Mountain 8” link in the email you get the following:

I put in a ticket to ask about this, the response I got was that they checked my stages and I am short on 1, 2 and 5 and could I send my fit files as they were only a tiny bit short and they may be able to raise a stage completion request as I am so close to completion.

I had problems with my wifi on stage 1 which dropped me out and when I got a connection again and rejoined, it wouldn’t save the first part so that’s why that would be short. The others I stopped literally just as I crossed the line. Having checked my dashboard the ride lengths are short as follows:

Stage 1  35.3km instead of 42.8km 

Stage 2  29.9km  instead of 30km

Stage 5  48km instead of 48.3km

I’d suggest making sure your recorded ride length is longer than the stage and submitting a ticket. I’ll update here on how I get on, I don’t fancy catching up on 3 stages on the two catch up days and will be very unhappy if I have to (except for stage 1 which I’d understand as it’s 7km short).