Tour of Watopia. What is next?

I have enjoyed the Tour very much!  I really like these kind of Zwift / Group activities.  Now I am wondering if Zwift will have any similar event on the coming months?  Looking forward for somethin exiting on May!

Cheers and good job Zwift.

I completely agree!  It is hard to sort through all the events on the site, so something big and exciting like a Tour of Watopia on a monthly basis would really keep things interesting!  It would also help to get the word out beforehand (not sure where I should have looked to find the Tour of Watopia in advance, I didn’t see it until April 11th when it was too late)

Hopefully not a Tour of Richmond lol.

A Tour of London would be good, especially for those who don’t like climbing too much. 

Would be good if Zwift could combine Watopia, Richmond and London and have a one day classic through all three.

Brad makes a great point. There are so many events, and they rarely draw me, because I don’t find the thread with them. I don’t feel the continuity, of them.

Now I imagine it’s hard to get people interested in, and coordinating big events like TOW, but I need to better find rides that fit my schedule, and can have some continuity with, because I’ve enjoyed the series. 

Hey Federico! I’m super glad you enjoyed the Tour of Watopia :slight_smile:

Keep an eye on our official Events page for all the latest in Zwift, as well as our Announcements page where we post about the latest excitement regarding the game! You can also utilize the Zwift Companion app for information surrounding events that are to transpire.

Hope to see you out there on the road!