Tour of Watopia Times

Looking at the time slots for the Tour of Watopia and seeing the same problems carrying over from the Tour d’Zwift. In previous years the time slots varied some from day to day. With the set times never changing and no weekend days, it makes it very difficult to attempt some stages. Zwift why don’t you offer some variety in the time slots like you did last year?!

Just seen the event times and yes, Zwift have made the same mistake again (and again, and again). If I can’t make an event at 7pm on one day, chances are I won’t be able to make it at 7pm on any other day either - surely it can’t be too difficult to time shift everything by an hour (or even half an hour) between days?

As it stands, I can’t do Stages 1 or 3 or any of the make up dates of the Tour.

Looks like they have an event every hour from 7-10 pm EST, plus one a little earlier at 5 pm EST. That is 5 chances to ride within a 5 hour window each day. I just wish they would do that for the early morning times too. 4am - 8am each hour would be great.

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yes, UK times aren’t great. I always ride around 5:30am. They have 2am, 5am than jump to 8am. Would be great if they could push everything by an hour on alternate days rather than keep the same times each day.