Tour of Watopia Stage 6 Crash

Monday 5/13 2pm EST on Fully updated iPad app. Logged in early. Crash, crash, crash. After start, Crash and after restart, not able to Rejoin stage. Ugh. First time I’ve been unable to rejoin. So annoying.

Hi happened again with me today I managed to do stage 5 at second attempt stage 6 was the same didn’t give it a second attempt switched to Innsbruck joined RLK11 and had no issues I’ve updated iPad iPhone and no joy contacted Zwift by email so waiting to see what they say

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Tuesday 5/14 1pm EST Crashed, not able to rejoin event after restart.
Tuesday 5/14 2pm EST Crashed, not able to rejoin event after restart.

Would be ok, if in the past, I could rejoin event after it started, but this stage won’t let me so I can’t ride it!!!

I had the same issue and emailed to the support team. and she said my ipad mini is not the recent one. I got advised that all app should be updated and I should turn off/on again.
I fking did all and I still had crash for tour 7… so annoying!!

I’ve contacted Zwift support about 3 times they say I have a older iPad it’s only about 3 years old Zwift said it seems like my iPad has only 1GB of memory!! I checked it and I have 25 GB of memory left :thinking:

Your iPad probably has 1GB of memory (RAM) which is different than how much storage (flash memory) it has remaining (i.e., 25GB remaining)

Even the newest iPad Air only has 3GB of RAM, while having 64GB or 256GB of storage.

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Thanks Lin I just done the HWC pedal mafia social ride in London with about 130 riders and all good but staying away from Watopia group rides till fixed :+1: