Tour of Watopia Stage 4

I completed Stage 4 of the Tour of Watopia today. I was under the impression that this stage was supposed to give a large XP bonus at each power up, but this was not the case for me. Did anyone else encounter the same?


No I did it this morning and got big XP at every banner.

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Yea, me too - I did it on Monday and only got 10xp at each banner, no big rewards…

ZwiftHQ need to toggle the No TT bikes option for this stage as many are unaware it provides no XP bonus.

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and the description says to get the 250 points, you must activate it either on companion app or by hitting the spacebar. If you don’t, not only will you miss points, but the next arch/line will not result in a large bonus.

I don’t think this is true, I got all the XP and never had to hit Spacebar. We never had to do anything to receive XP it is not like a power up that stay in the circle.

If you are on a TT bike then you might not get the big XP, I have not tested it but it is plausible.

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That’s odd because I had to hit the space bar. It’s a new feature but doesn’t matter as I’m already over level 50.

I think I should ride it again, LOL. More XP. I am only on #44

Are you on windows or IOs

On AppleTV there was no need to activate the bonus. The 250 xp automatically activated.

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I rode stage 4 today, but didnt get any big xp. I could see in the wheel that there was a BB icon, but i only got a feather and a truck and a normal small xp. Zwift running on ATV.

I did the Stage yesterday once, and today two times.
No, you don’t need to activate the Bonus (hit spacebar or anything), it gives you the 250 XP at each arch automatically IF YOU’RE USING A NORMAL BIKE!!!


I had to explain this on the ride-chat at least five times each ride :joy:

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I was using a normal bike, but still didnt get the big xp bonus.

I was also using a normal bike, but didnt get the big xp bonus!

On the Tron bike, I got 250XP at each arch automatically (no need to activate the power up). Running Windows 10.

Ahhhhh! I was on a TT bike! There was no warning that you needed to be on a normal bike. That’s really really annoying! Thanks for solving this for me…

Warning: Never us a TT bike in group events, It can’t draft from other bikes, you also wont get other powerups except small XP

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I was on a normal bike, Apple TV and at each banner I saw the + sign and it flashed 250 XP but I never got them

More details. I rode once with Apple TV and second time with iPhone X running zWift and here is what I was seeing:

I have completed State 4 two times and have not gotten the 1250xp’s for both ride. I have however received the 600 for the 30km ride. I opened a ticket with Zwift to see what the issue is. I started at Level 21 and am still sitting on Level 21. So, love the ride and work out just wish things worked : - )

Anyone else have Stage 4 crash on them? I had it happen twice to me last night, once during the 5:15mst session at 10 miles in and again during the 6:15mst session, this time at 14.5 miles in.

Hi @Doug_Hess: what system do you use for Zwift? Were you able to do Stage 1,2 and 3?