Tour of watopia stage 2

A few take away from this. Firstly, this was the most chaos that I’ve seen in a zwift event since I started using my SO’s computer for better FPS at the start.

Start: last row at the end of the pier. That’s a LONG run up that doesn’t count for anything when the folks at the front are doing 6 w/kg off the start line.

After the first two laps we started lapping people by the hundreds. It was like a flood. First a trickle of riders and then so many, you don’t even know where your avatar is. We were doing 4:50-4:55 laps, the last couple laps I had no idea who I was “racing” with and who I was lapping since we all basically look the same. The only indication that i had was the nearby riders and the names that I remembered. It remained that way all the way to the finish. I guess a couple thousand riders can form a 4km long chain… maybe more start times would be useful still?

We did the stage in about 43 minutes, lapping fast enough that we weren’t getting power ups on every lap. Maybe it’s time to decrease the minimum time between power up?

Finally at the finish, you get the results, woohoo, then the pop up asks me if I want to stay in Watopia or go to Watopia. While it is amusing, I would have figured that you guys would have fixed that by now.

I haven’t done this stage yet but does look chaotic.

I was thinking whilst doing a different event that lapped riders shouldn’t show up in the ‘Riders Nearby’ list as it makes it confusing.


*Let me get on my soap Box. *

*This is where staggered starts will be helpful, I already have a post topic out there. *

Ok put the box away.

I did lap a few riders my self and that did not bother me to much, but then when I sprinted from #310 to try to get under 300st I passed about 15 riders but all of them was on the previous lap. that was a bit disheartening.

Gerrie :joy:

Clearly there’s an argument for ordering the start pens based on some combo of FTP + w/kg, you could give each a weighting depending on it’s relevance, like for this flat “crit” FTP is more important than w/kg.

Would it be disheartening for the average C/D cat riders to see the A/B cats ride off at speed? Surely not as much as seeing them whip past again after a couple of laps.

Looking forward to this one tonight… :upside_down_face:

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There were. Few groups that we lapped multiple times. I felt bad for them when I saw the chat pop up and basically say “oh we are getting lapped again”, as we riding right through them. Both literally and figuratively.

I think people would be ok to see groups start in batches (after the first few times). It can be that your batch has a different Cat label. (ie every one is A but your batch is E) that way we will know who is in our race. i am sure there is more interesting ways to do this.

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In Group Rides and Races, the Riders Nearby panel should change to a Current Standings panel. Then lapped riders would not pop-up on the list.


This is the answer!

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How does that help prevent lapping? Won’t staggered starts just guarantee that the line of riders stretches out over several kilometers?

The line of riders what nearly complete around the 4km loop this morning. I think it’s just down to a poor course idea for this many riders.

Years ago a local race promoter had this awesome crit course in the middle of a stage race. The only problem, then course was short enough that when 200 pros went single file, they had to stop the race because the front of the field caught the back of the field. This is really no different than here other than the obvious game play advantages of Zwift rules/physics.


O yes it would but not if A,B,C,D won’t interact or see each other. So zwift decide your Cat (ABCD) and then stagger within that group if the group is more than X number of riders.
It is just an idea to play with.

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There was only about 500 people in my event so it wasn’t too crowded. Just enough to make it interesting. At least when the fast guys came flying by it broke up the monotony. Eight laps of the same circuit can start to feel like a bit of a slog.

Fast riders take note. With big groups and aero power-ups for everybody you might run the risk of being auto flagged for doing a lap too fast. The rider who finished first in my event did 4:36 on his last lap and it looked like Zwift auto flagged him for being too fast (I was about to be lapped for the third time so I could see the little ! sign popup next to his name). Flashbacks to the KISS community league Richmond race.

Next event is a group workout. You thought this event was crowded? Just wait 'til you see 1,000 riders all being rubber banded together.


An Asian rider in my group got flagged on the final lap as we were coming back into the volcano for the sprint. Not to sound jaded but without evidence of a legit effort, I’m going to say the flag was probably justified.

These events, while there are drawbacks, are really to showcase the new functions available to race organizers. Stage 2 would make a good stage for team or cat racing. The only way to tell lapped traffic is to view their distance, as each lap is 4 km.
Sounds like a draft power up would be more fun on a small course like this. Unfortunately, the race started an hour before I started. I think there were 3 people on course. One almost finished and one slower rider.that took two hours. I don’t know if there are any stages I can start with everyone else, maybe a make=up stage.

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Good news for you is that your can keep trying stage 2 for the rest of the week, plus the makeup date, I think.

Nice catch on the power up issue for SUPER FAST lap times.

I’m going to see if I can get a quick fix in for that so at the very least, the make up events won’t have this issue with Stage 2.


Perhaps you could fix the distance to go counter too?


A little typo on the email:

Nice! You beat the heat in Stage 2 in the Tour of Watopia.

Fitter. Faster. Farther. Group workout incoming.

World: Watopia
Route: Jungle Circuit

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Second this!
2 laps and 7.3 km to go? I’ve always suspected there was an error in the DtG counter but this event highlighted it easily. It’s interesting that the distance ridden counter seems accurate (ie I gained 4ish km per lap, biut only had 3.7 to go on my last lap.

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Help me out here, they say you beat Stage 2, and next is Stage 3.