Tour of Watopia stage 2 race results

I am not sure if this is a bug but can someone please help. I am not getting the race results for stage 2 watopia. Any ideas. I have ridden it twice and same problem. Stage 1 results worked fine.

Hi Daniel,

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For Stage you did the race, but for stage 2 you did the Ride (group ride) group rides does not have results since it is a social event. (although it feel like a race :slight_smile:)

Doing stages multiple times is a good way to earn lots of XP, good job. :muscle:

Ah that makes sense thanks Gerrie, appreciated.

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Hi Daniel,
if you have signed up to Zwiftpower they have a list of Zwifters positions for the group rides.

Thanks Troy, I have signed up to ZwiftPower and so can see the results there, was hoping to see them on Zwift Companion App as well but I guess only possible for the races as Gerrie has indicated. Its a pity that the races seem to be shorter than the group rides.