Tour of Watopia - Stage 2 not showing completed

I completed stage 1, received the email and it shows the completed thumbs up on the Zwift start screen. I believed that my registration was for the whole tour. However after entering (I didn’t spot a separate registration other than a normal event entry) and completing of stage 2, I received no completion email and there is no completion thumbs up on the start screen or website.

  1. How can I check I am properly registered for a stage?
  2. If I need to register for the events separately, how do I do that?
  3. Is there something else I needed to do to get the completion to count in the tour?
    Thanks for any help.

You should be able to view your progress in or here:

It may take some time to be updated, but if the completed stage isn’t present after 24h, you should contact support and have them fix it.

It’s same for me. Stephen, when you rode stage 2?

Thanks Pieter. That now shows stages 1 & 3 completed, but not 2. I think my mistake was to enter the event from the Zwift app and not from the page you linked to. It looks like I’ll have to do stage 2 again unless Zwift Support can help me.

Hi Serg. I rode the official event on Sunday morning. If my above assumption is correct, it seems that just entering the event is not enough.

I rode the same event as you, but I entered the event from Tour of Watopia’s page. I’m afraid the old problem is back. See topics No credit for Tour of Watopia Stage One and Stage 1 Tour of Watopia Credits

I have a similar issue.

I finished Stage 2 on Sunday, saw the results page, but then my PC crashed and rebooted (very rare occurrence for me, can’t remember it happening with this PC in the last 3 years).

I instantly received the automatic Zwift email congratulating me on completing Stage 2, and on I can see the completed activity, but I don’t have the thumbs up and credit for completing the stage on

I contacted support to see if they can do anything about it.

I got a reply from support, they say that my stage 2 ride is complete and they are working on a known issue with the progress bar not updating.

Hopefully we get the missing credit for completing the stages as soon as they fix the bug.

I contacted Zwift support and they replied very quickly saying that my ride is complete and if I don’t get the shirt / bike after completing the tour, I should get back in touch with them. I still don’t have the thumbs up, but at least it all seems to have logged OK. As Ivo mentioned, they told me about the glitch with the bar updating.