Tour of Watopia Stage 2 : Hot Pursuit - B category open to all

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I saw some posts of men riding in the B category.

If you look at those signed up in the “B” category for Stage 2 events for the rest of the week, you can see the MAJORITY are men. In fact, in some of the races, ONLY MEN are signed up for (what should be) the women’s races. I did Stage 2 today in the “B” category: out of 13 finishers, only 2 were women. How frustrating and demoralizing it was to experience getting repeatedly lapped by men racing by at over 4w/kg.

Hmmm. I wonder if people change their gender, sign up for the B event, and change their gender back again. Zwift should unenroll a rider from a women’s event if the rider’s gender changes to male, but maybe they missed that detail?

It’s known that sometimes people will change their gender in Zwift in order to participate in certain events to unlock items. It’s not something we’re ok with but we know it happens. You’re always welcome to submit a support ticket if you suspect someone is cheating, bullying others, and making Zwift unenjoyable for others.

For example, if we find out someone did this and unlocked a jersey that they shouldn’t have been allowed to earn, we’ll manually unentitle the Member from that item.

I think a lot of people just don’t read the ride description. See @James_Hodges_KRT post below.

As James pointed out Stage 2 is the only one that is not configured for a women only event.

As per topic, the event is incorrectly configured. There is no flag applied to the B category locking it to one gender. Men will enter this category completely oblivious to the fact it is supposed to be women only.

For the Mixtape Mission, it didn’t let you join if your account was male.

And the same is true for every other Tour of Watopia Category B event, including pre-catchup Stage 2. Again, the event in topic is incorrectly configured.

Noted. I brought this up to the dev team to look into it. Thanks for your report!

Looks like men are blocked from signing up in Stage 2, B category if they’re using the companion app to sign up rather than the computer. My husband looked into it using the app, and he showed me how the B category for that particular stage is greyed out for him.

I just checked the App and Stage 2 B is open to Men.