Tour of Watopia Results

(Baz Morris) #1

Although the results of Stage 1 of the Tour of Watopia appeared on screen on completion of the route, I elected to dismiss them and continued riding on the basis that I expected to be able to view the results later. Unfortunately, it would seem that my assumption about being able to access the results post-event was wrong!! Please make results from events such as the Tour of Watopia available post-ride for reviewing.

(David Mckie AHDR) #2

I’ve been looking for a summary of each of the stages, times placings etc. but can’t seem to find that anywhere. A summary on events like this would be great with all the results from each individual in all events added to a leaderboard for each stage and the same for all stages.

(Stuart Middlecoate) #3

ZwiftPower has all the details you need

(Gil DeLeon) #4

That’s assuming you can figure out how to link or connect your account to ZwiftPower, been trying for two days with no success and there’s no support for it. 

  1. There is NO reason for Zwift $ubscribers to have to go look on outside websites for results of their events

  2. Why would results and ranking not be available for viewing? You only get one look? and that’s it? 

  3. We should be able to look at the entire tour leaderboard, within Zwift, of all the riders that completed each Stage no matter what day it was completed. If the rider does not want his/her time posted then they should be able to activate some privacy setting to have their time not shown. 

Completely unacceptable! 

(Baz Morris) #5

Unless I am mistaken, Zwift Power does not provide the details sought for Zwift events such as the Tour of Watopia…

(Gil DeLeon) #6

I rest my case, ZwiftPower Does NOT have all the details I need like Stuart claimed above.

(Stuart Middlecoate) #7



You’ve gone from not being able to use ZwiftPower to then stating it doesn’t have the data you need based on the comment of Baz who in this case is wrong.  ZwiftPower displays the results from Tour Of Watopia.

At the end of the day you can get the results by using ZwiftPower, what’s the big issue with using that as opposed to Zwift publishing the results?  

(Gil DeLeon) #8

The issue is we should be able to see results in Zwift, not have to sign up on an outside service to see it. 

Having said that I’ve been trying to “Connect” my account to ZwiftPower with no luck. 

First you have to create an account (done),

Then locate your Zwift ID via web-browser by a 4th party (done) and immediately change your password because the site in not secure,

Go back to ZwiftPower and launch the “Zwift Mobile Link” which I think is a reference to the Companion App and add the four digit code (in my case its a 6 digit code) to your name (done),

Finally return to ZwiftPower find yourself and connect your account, I’ve not been able to find myself in two days of trying.

I don’t mean to be rude I’m just frustrated, Zwift has all this data; why not just let us see it? and even if I was ever able to connect to ZwiftPower, wouldn’t the data you’re seeing be for those that have connected to ZwiftPower? all others that completed the stage would not show up right? 

Thanks and sorry for venting 

(S. M.(C)) #9

Zwift Power does have TOW stages.  I can confirm my results are there, but I am not sure if you have to have a linked account to see your details.  Also I am guessing there are privacy concerns they may not want to deal with, so off loading this to zwift power solves a bunch of issues. You have to keep in perspective that Zwift is still new, and being built from the ground up everything everyone wants cant just be done with a snap of the fingers.  There are trade offs to every feature they implement and not everyone will be happy.  I’ve been around since beta where it was a very short course with a majority of virtual riders.  Its has grown tremendously.  Just think about this a large scale video game takes years, and in many cases close to a billion dollars to produce.  Pretty sure this isnt Zwifts budget.

(Gerrie Delport) #10


U can also find your Zwift number in your documents folder on your PC.

Yes Zwift power has a extra step to register but once it is done you will be ok. You need to do an event with your name and the 6 digit code added for ZP to recognize you. you don’t have to do the whole event.

ZP is doing the Timing work as a 3rd party same as any race you do IRL, the organizer does not do the timing.

Once you start using ZP you will see the benefit. 




(Phil Clarke) #11

There is another way to find your Zwift ID without having to use some other party/service.  This also is useful for those not running Zwift on PC/Mac.  Go to and look at the ‘download’ link for any of your activities.  You don’t have to download anything – simply inspect the URL.

Your Zwift ID will be the six digits after “…”

Example format:
https://<webby-stuff> <ZwiftID> /<more-stuff-here>

Ride on!

(Gil DeLeon) #12

Thanks Phil, I was finally able to Connect to ZwiftPower and see all the details of my riding. I’m still new to this virtual environment so it will take some getting used to. I have a lot of questions on ZwiftPower i.e. what does REG or REG1 mean? so I’ll be reading their FAQs. 

Thanks everyone

(Gerrie Delport) #13

Thanks Phil that is something I did not know.

(Baz Morris) #14

For clarification, I did not submit my previous post as a rant or with the intention of provoking a series of rants!!  I did so because Zwift Help suggested that I could in response to me asking where I could find the results of Stage 1 of the Tour of Watopia.  The response I received was as follows:


As of right now, there isn’t any way to view results after an event, or a leaderboard of everyone who’s participated. However, if that’s something you’d like to see added, I would recommend posting your idea to our feature requests board; our devs check it with relative frequency, plus you’ll be able to get feedback from other members of the community. Additionally, I’ll be forwarding this to our dev team so even if you don’t, your suggestion will be duly noted.


An interesting response if indeed I can find the results on ZwiftPower.  I failed on my first cursory visit to the ZwiftPower website, but I will try again based on the comments provided in this thread…

(Baz Morris) #15

Sorted - thanks for the tips!!

(David Mckie AHDR) #16

Does zwift power have a summary of the combined stages and overall times? I can’t find that there.
Love zwift power. I use it heaps but that’s one thing I can’t seem to find.

(David Holyoak) #17

Does ZwiftPower show all results or only those who have signed up for zwiftpower?

(David Holyoak) #18

I should have said signed up and linked the Zwift account to ZwiftPower.

(Peter Poulsen [DKCZ]) #19

doh - got it


I’m using zwiftpower but can’t find the Tour of Watopia results. Can anyone provide me with a link or a discription on how to find results?

(Fredrik Silvén Sz SZR (B)) #20

Found this on ZwiftPower when searching for the Tour:

Tour of Watopia results will not be listed on ZwiftPower