Tour of Watopia progress bar is incorrect

I finished stage one, and it shows as ‘status: complete,’ so why does my progress bar show 0/7?

This issue has been fixed as of recently. Please try revisiting the web page to see if it still shows an empty progress bar. Thank you for bringing this up! :slight_smile: Ride On!

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Nope. After reloading the page, it still shows 0/7.

Same here.

Hey Jim,

Would you mind taking a look, again? I noticed your account was recently updated.

Mike M.
Zwift Community Team

Still 0/7.

Working now! Thanks!


Hey Sandy, are you still experiencing the issue?

Hello Lauren:

I got credit for the first stage of TofW! Thank you very much and thank the staff also for correcting the issue. Appreciate it very much!

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Yay! Glad to hear it:)

Hello Lauren:

Similar issue here. I have completed stage one also, but status and progress bar are both not updated. And even in the Zwift Companion app, I cannot find my grade on the leaderboard of this event, but I did ride to 29.6km.
Can you help me figure out what’s the wrong with it?

I’d be glad to help! If you could write in a support ticket so we’re able to view your information, that would be great.

Without seeing your information, I can still give you some pointers. Please try the following:

Make sure game is up to date
Make sure you registered for Tour of Watopia
Make sure that the stage you did is 100% complete

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Thank you! I wrote a support ticket just now.

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