Tour of Watopia - possible bug

Did anyone notice problems with yesterdays B race at 1.11pm. With about 3 to 4 km to go, bikes started taking short cuts over land, was left on own, then from 2.4 km to 2km, moved very slowly despite avatar still moving at same watts/speed. Lost about 2mins to the group I was with. Any ideas ???

Using android on Samsung S8, and Watt bike pro trainer, never had previous issues

That sound like a network issue.

Hi @Darren_McCarthy, riders going off course and/or disappearing are common symptoms resulting from a network disconnection, as Gerrie mentioned. We have an article on our Support Hub that walks through some ways of identifying and troubleshooting these types of issues, so Iā€™d recommend giving that a look.

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Thanks all, sound plausible.