Tour of Watopia Mission/Challenge

I missed the Tour of Watopia this year. It would be great if you could add it as a mission or challenge?

Edit: I said mission originally but I meant it more like a badge.

Great game btw!

I think the whole point of the tours is to ride with a group, doing it solo wouldn’t accomplish Zwift’s goal which, IMO, is to create a social affair. You can ride all the same routes in Watopia anytime. You’r only missing the kit unlock and the paint job for the aero bike.

Road to Ruins
Volcano Circuit
Jungle Circuit
Figure 8
Tempus Fugit
Watopia Flat
Tour of Fire and Ice

That’s what makes the jerseys special…it is now or never.
There will be other tours and fondos, but with different jerseys.
I have about 60 (plus 40 automatic or coded jerseys anyone can get) (or is it 40 and 60…probably.) currently at 102 total :slight_smile:

I didn’t say anything about getting the Jerseys … just an achievement.

But couldn’t I get a badge once I rode all the routes of the Tour of Watopia? Like you get when you do 5 laps of the Volcano circuit? Or a challenge like the Tour of California?

Yes, you can earn an achievement anytime! (except some were broken last month and only fixed the other day’s update.)
If you look at zwiftpowerdotcom’s events, there is a little yellow ‘padlock’ to indicate which rides unlock the group’s jersey. it is easier to locate than on zwift events.

ride on!

Touf of Watopia is an event. There are no achievements for completing events, only unlocking jerseys or clothing items or paint jobs. For example, completing the Tour of Watopia 2019 you get the jersey and the paint job as explained above. These clothing items are one-time “collector’s items” since you have to be there for the event to receive them.

Achievements such as volcano laps, distance ridden, etc. are just there automatically. You’ll receive them when you match the condition. XP’s and drops are also earned automatically without having to be in an event.