Tour of Watopia Final Statistics

(David Kindler) #1

It would be fun if Zwift posted a message with summary stats on the overall Tour…how many participated, completed all 7 events, from how many countries, best time, etc.    It was great fun (well, maybe a strange view of “fun”) to see so many people from so many places…friendships were formed finding small groups of like-paced riders to hang with and get through this challenging event.  

Thanks Zwift.  Amazing Tour!

(Jim Spencer (D)) #2

You can view the stats in Zwift Power but they will change after the makeup stages next weekend.  As of today I finished 1520 overall out of 2879 that completed all 7 stages. I’m pretty happy with that considering I’m a 60 year old cycling n00b…lol.

(David Kindler) #3

Nice work Jim!  2017 for me, and I’m 62… of course i road during the hottest part of days in Watopia :slight_smile:

(Jim Spencer (D)) #4

I was sweating profusely but could have sworn I saw snow flurries up in the mountains.

(B Knapp9616 (WBR)) #5

Well done Zwift for a fabulous tour. Enjoyed it immensely although it was HARD! Great to be able to participate with all ages and nationalities. (Also well done to Zwiftpower for all the results.) Appears I was 3394, but I am nearly 72!

Ride On!

(Jim Spencer (D)) #6

Wow it appears a lot of people had to make up races.  I finished 2702 out of 5327 that completed all 7 stages.  Thoroughly enjoyed the tour.

(David Kindler) #7

B. Knapp - Congrats… you beat me by a fair margin…I finished 3614…so, I’m glad to see I’ll get faster over the next 10 years :slight_smile:


(Kristopher P.) #8

That is a wonderful idea, I am sure many people in the Zwift community would enjoy this.

A great place to voice this would be in our community forums, were you may create a post and state this feature request.