Tour of Watopia - Did my ride register?

After my stage 2 tour of Watopia ride, the upload of my ride to Strava failed, and in Zwift it didn’t register with the correct title, and there was an incomplete file at my computer as well. My result did appear on ZwiftPower, so I presume it is correctly logged for the 7 tour of Watopia stages. But is there a way to check if it was really completed and whether I’m still on track for the kit unlock?



same thing happened to me. Did stage 2 at 9 PM EST Tuesday night. My ride showed up in the results, but in zwift companion it registered as incomplete and seems not to have saved anywhere. Do I have to do it again?

There were some Zwift server issue yesterday:


@Paul Allen:

Yes, I was aware of that. Not that weird with 1300 people doing the same group ride, I was actually not disappointed with the performance.

However, my question is whether it registered. Is there any way to see that I now indeed already completed two out of the possible seven stages?

I have the same problem.  I completed my stage 1 but my Zwift and Strava upload doesn’t have the correct title.  Also, the statistics of the activities were not accurate.  I completed the whole stage but the activity that was save under report my distance, time,…

I hope zwift will be able to correct this.  Else, I have to rely on the make up day.

I did it at 8am today and the same thing happened. Will it eventually register or do I need to re ride it?

Does anyone know if this issue has been resolved?  Like a lot of people I’ve lost all data from the stage 2 ride I completed yesterday, although Zwift did freeze at least 4 times whilst I was riding…not good!!

I just Look over at Zwiftpower , it look like I have lost stage 1 and 2 now. something  is not right now. it was there, now it gone.

All mention of the Tour appears to have disappeared off Zwift Power , no scheduled stages showing and even the ride data under my profile has gone . Scheduled stages still showing in Zwift Events .


I had the same problem as Viet…rode Stage 1, had the kit on, it showed my rank in the group ride throughout the event.  After I finished it was labeled as a normal ride (not Tour of Watopia - Stage 1).  Wondering if it won’t be counted towards completion of the 7 stages?  Any place we can check to see status of completed rides?

My rides for Stage 1 & 2 are still on Zwift Power but the title is gone and the 2 rides have been moved to the bottom of the list. I recognize the rides by the data profile and I’m new and only have 7 rides listed so it’s not that hard!

same problem for me too… on zwift power the sage 1 and 2 are missing the title and date, and there are showing in the bottomof the list…are the rides still counting for the tour?


My Stages 1 and 2 are showing on this Zwift web site  . Zwift are running the Tour so the rides should count  . One of mine is correctly labeled the other is just dated , I think it will all come rite in the end 

I had a similar issue with Stage 4 today. I accidentally broke off the session while the classification of the event was shown, thinking that I clicked the ok button. The ride is listed as activity but not with the correct title.
Zwift, please tell us how to check if our participation was registered!