Tour of Watopia - Certain stages are too long

(Stephan Martel) #1

Since we know that indoor training is better when they are not too long, it’s seems that Zwift is doing the opposite. On the Tour of Watopia, some stages are little bit long and the stage 7, very long.

Today a good training is based on short intervals and high intensity with short easy spin that are repeated many times. It’s the addition of high intensity periods that count where it is not possible on long ride like stage 7.

Î’m surprised about that…it will be better to create many periods of high intensity during mountain rides and cumulate our real power and time results to classify each cyclists…long period is only good for endurance that we can do alone at the beginning of the winter period.

(Austin Key) #2

I think it all depends on what you’re after.  I personally like the longer rides and look forward to the more challenging stages of the tour. I don’t see the tour as a training workout, but rather a challenge all it’s own. When I’m after the type of workout you mention I just load one up. 

(Stephan Martel) #3

The word challenge had to be based on what matters most to the participants. This of course in terms of challenge and in terms of improving physical qualities. Unfortunately the Watopia Tour is only for the challenge and little for the physical improvement. That is why we should have periods at very high intensities and easy periods. We would be measured for all periods of high intensity and a pointing system would be allocated for each.
Ex. 350 watts average for 30 sec. (X numbers of time) vs 375 watts for another etc … the addition of all these periods would become our final result. It’s working with the addition of short intervals that would give you results at the end…

Looking for what really count and not sitting on saddle and riding during hours…

(Paul Allen) #4


You do get physical improvement for sitting in the saddle for hours, it’s called endurance training.

I think what you are looking for is a Zwift workout, because I don’t think the Tour of Watopia is fitting your needs.

(Stephan Martel) #5

Paul, did you read my first comment, endurance is good to practice at the beginning of the winter season and off course it’s not a real problem. I am just mentionning that it will be nice to have ALSO other kind of challenging Tour that will give you opportunity to increase other skills than only endurance…if you remember, many professionnal change their training  for shorter ones and get better results…why could we not adding this kind of session as a challenge ???


Bye the way I am doing the Tour of Watopia…

(Paul Allen) #6

Never said you couldn’t. BTW, you can do those high intensity internals during the ToW, no one is stopping you.

There are different approaches to training and they both can be beneficial. You can do your high intensity short rides during the winter and then move into your endurance phase later while still sprinkling in your HIT sessions. There is more than one why that training is done now.

(Stephan Martel) #7

Thank you Paul. As I can see you won’t stopping me…I won’t do it as you mentionned but there are maybe other persons that would like to try it… 

Bye the way thks for your lesson 101 but my post is for something else.  

See you at the Tour of Watopia !

(Paul Allen) #8

Was never trying to stop you. 

Have fun and Ride On!

BTW, you won’t see me in the ToW, I don’t do group rides or races.

(Nigel Doyle) #9

I’m doing the tour of Watopia. What I’ve done for some of the rides so that my training schedule is not interrupted is to keep on doing my Trainerroad workouts with Trainerroad running on my tablet. I then run Zwift on my PC with it picking up the power. 

(. Bath Salts (84Kg) (EV) C) #10

Stephan:  It’s 7 easy rides, stop complaining, ride the bike and review rule #5.

(Stephan Martel) #11

Complaining ? It’s just a suggestion. Don’t worry about riding the bike. Once again this post was not for you but for open mind…

(. Bath Salts (84Kg) (EV) C) #12

OK.  It’s 7 easy rides, ride the bike and review rule #5.

(Garrett Shaw) #13

The best part is that at 0:53 in the Rule #5 vid, Chopper tells Stephan to HTFU because his name is Stephan. Couldn’t have planned this better.

(J. H. Edmund Lee) #14

Stage 7 is definitely a challenge in terms of time on saddle, as well the amount of climbing involved. Many people won’t do it because they are not interested in more than 2 hours of indoor trainer time, even if it’s as entertaining as running Zwift.

Then there are gluttons for punishment and OCD types who need to finish it - so most committed road cyclists.

(Geoffrey Easton ZHR G) #15

Stage 7 should have been the Alpe Du Zwift climb; basically leaving the most iconic climb until last. I’ve only done the Pretzel once, which was the Maratona a few months back, and I hated it especially the tower climb which to me is utterly pointless.

(Vince Kim) #16

looks like it will take me at least 3 hrs to finish stage 7 (probably 3.5 hrs). but im gonna do it to complete the tour. gonna hav to eat/drink alot and go slow so i dont bonk. im doing it coz it mimicks a fondo that i cant afford irl lol.

(Stephan Martel) #17

Mister Garrett level 8, your experience will be considered. Thks

(Paul Allen) #18


what does his level within Zwift have to do with it? 

(Stephan Martel) #19

Paul, what does his comment have to do with my post ? Is it a sort of collective moral relief site…

Post mortem: My last post on Zwift…it was my first also.

(Danny Boyd) #20

the rides were advertised and the distances were for all to see. if this doesn’t suit your personal plans, then just don’t ride them.