Tour of Watopia and April's Climbing Mission

(Tim Camden WBR (C)) #1

I signed on for the Climbing mission and I rode the 1st stage of the Tour of Watopia.

I noted that the elevation that I gained on the Tour stage 1 counted for the mission elevation.

I thought the two were to be performed separately.

Is there a progress bar showing which stages of the Tour have been completed.

I’m worried that the ride I did on Sunday may not count.


PS. I enjoyed throwing the newspapers. I rode 20 extra miles looking for the last one.

(C hris Strub) #2

If I remember correctly, Tim.  Any elevation performed in Zwift counts towards the the climbing challenge.


Zwift’s latest update includes the Spring Climbing Mission. The mission is simply this: climb 10,000 feet by April 30th. No prizes, just increased fitness!

I don’t believe there is a status bar to let us know what stages we completed.  Just have to remember.  

(C hris Strub) #3

If you saw a “placement results page” at the end of your ride.  When you past thru the arch on the beach front, then it counted.

(Tim Camden WBR (C)) #4

Thanks X 2,  the Tour of Watopia showed up in Zwift Power and I got the credit for the elevation. Win/win plus I threw newspapers and I admit, I was throwing them at stopped riders and joggers too!