Tour of Watopia 2022 stage 4

When I go to stage four of the 2022 tour of Watopia to get a description of each stage, map details are missing. Is it safe to assume to that this page will be updated as the other stages?

It might be, but don’t bet on it.
Since Handful of Gravel is a completely new route, created just ahead of the ToW for launch during the event, there isn’t really much to go on. (If my memory serves, January’s Tour de Zwift also featured a completely new route – Castle to Castle – the route of which wasn’t fully illustrated in the Companion app until after that stage had run.)

You can almost certainly trust what’s in Zwift Insider’s page on it: “Handful of Gravel” Route Details (Watopia) | Zwift Insider
It seems to be a so-called ‘lollipop’ route, featuring a lead-in feeding into a loop. From what I’ve understood, stage 4’s various ride options are just the same route with two, three or five loops round it.

Edit: number of loops corrected.


Hey Cindy,

The maps should be showing by the time we get to that stage. The team are working on it presently.

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Looking ahead to this Sunday’s stage 2 ‘Triple Flat Loops’, the map is still unavailable in Companion. Hoping the team will deliver before those rides start.

You should be able to find info on some of these new routes at this link, since they were Zwift Insider Rebel Routes before they made it into Zwift (they are in the ‘Tamed Rebels’ section):

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Yup, all the detailed information has been available over on Zwift Insider for a long time.

I’m putting myself in the shoes of all the new and irregular users who’ll be looking at routes just a short time before they plan to ride and won’t have the reflex to look on a third-party site.
IMO, Zwift should really get this kind of scene-setting work done before marquee events like the Tours are published/launched. Call me a stickler. :wink: