Tour of Watopia 2021 FAQ

This appears to have been a bug, and could be related to the fact that many riders did not get credited for riding that stage. Then again, they could well be separate bugs that just happened at the same time.

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It seemed fixed today.

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Can we do a stage in multiple steps?
Is it possible to stop in the middle of a stage and finish the stage in another workout? Or you have to restart the stage from the beginning?

Hi @Kristian_Benoit, you can stop and leave the session open, your avatar will just sit by the side of the road until you come back. You can’t end the ride before finishing the event, close Zwift, come back later and start where you left off. This works the same as in any other Zwift ride or event, if you end the ride you can’t restart where you left off.

Quick question. If you late join TOW, will you still get credit for completing the ride?

Yup, I was a little late yesterday and got full credit for stage 4, only missed 0.5 mile of the lead in.

I can’t pick a stage 5 ride on the website as it still says ‘currently unavailable.’ I can chose using the companion app though

Same here. The website and the app still says “Currently unavailable”. It will soon come on April 19 in some time zones, but the stage 5 has not yet been opened.

Just enter the events via Zwift Companion.

Oh, thanks.

I have completed 5 stages of the TOW - which was very enjoyable, but the finishers jersey has not been unlocked - has anyone else experienced this?

I did
Stage 1 Longer Ride
Stage 2 Longer Ride
Stage 3 Longer and Shorter Ride
Stage 4 Shorter Ride
Stage 5 Shorter Ride

All 5 have been ticked when I log into Zwift.


I have the finishers kit but for make up rides, the event still puts me in the starter kit.

That’s the same for everyone

Have you logged back into Zwift since your last ToW event?

I had to do a make up stage to complete mine and finished the event with no indication of unlocking the kit, but next time I opened up the software and started a ride, the finishers kit was waiting for me in the garage.

Thanks David, I updated the app on my Apple TV - and logged in again and there it is…

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No problems here, both kits available for me to use.