Tour of Watopia 2020...Zwift not capturing stage ride events/mileage

I noticed Zwift did not capture the cumulative miles I rode for the Tour of Watopia (ToW) Stages 1-3 rides. At the end of the stage rides, Zwift ask if I wanted to continue riding or go to another ride (Richmond, NY etc.), I accepted and went to another ride (assuming Zwift would capture all of miles for the rides), however, when I finished and saved the ride, those miles I rode for Stages 1-3 were never captured as if I never completed the stage rides, but it captured the rides I did after the events.

I figured out the problem when I did the ToW Stage 4 ride. I found that when I finished the Stage 4 ride, stopped and saved it before going to do another ride, Zwift counted the Stage ride miles and event as well as the ride I did afterwards. Zwift response to my inquiry confirmed my findings (see response below).

I notified Zwift and was told when you complete a Stage ride and Zwift prompts you to continue riding or move to another ride and you do so without first saving the event ride that the new ride may over ride the previous ride, which is what was happening to me. If this is the case, Zwift should not prompt riders to go to another ride if that ride may over ride the previous ride, at least not without warning. The rides should be ended and you should be prompted to save the ride before continuing. As a new Zwifter that is confusing and takes the wind out of your sail, especially if you are doing your first event ride.

Zwift, please make some changes to process.