Tour of Watopia 2019 Issues

I signed up for the April 2, 8am EST stage 1 via companion app. Arrived at start line 30 minutes early. All went well for about 2 minutes, then the app (iOS connected via Bluetooth) CRASHED. Tried a handful of times to get back into pack, eventually I was let back in with 8 miles to go. I crossed finish line and ZwiftPower shows my results, but in the Zwift app, I did not receive credit for completing Stage 1.

The crashes happened at every stage during Tour de Zwift, but I did not have to redo stages as I got credit for completion.

I love these challenges, they make everything more exciting in the community but the server issues and lack of completion credit is incredibly frustrating.

Hey Sam, if you write in a support ticket, we can go in and verify that you did the stage and give you credit for that manually. You deserve it! :slight_smile: We’d also be happy to look into why the crash happened.

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