Tour of Watopia 2019 - Beginners

Hi all

Been Zwifting for nearly a month now. FTP is showing as 150w. Using Zwift to get my fitness up and my weight down! Is the Tour of Watopia 2019 something a beginner can attempt or is it for the more experienced with a better fitness level?


It’s definitely for everyone. They aren’t officially “races” and there will always be people riding at your pace (and faster and slower). It’s a great way to try new routes, especially as you’ll get to do Alpe de Zwift…

Not sure if you have seen the details for the Tour, but this could be helpful:

Thanks Paul

I had a look and it would appear the 1st stage is for Category A and B (unless I have misread it) which is obviously higher than my level! Maybe I will give it a miss for now.


Group B is for women only and group A is everybody else who chooses to participate. Events for everyone like the various Tours do not follow the regular classification that races or other events have so you can participate without worrying about competing with anyone.

Thanks Fez

That clears that up! I will have a go then.

Thanks to everyone who replied.


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Ricky, is there a specific bike we have to ride for the Tour?

You can ride any bike you want but I recommend not riding a TT bike. TT bikes don’t allow you to draft and you lose the benefit of being in a group.

Thanks mate.

And from the write-ups, everyone will ride the Tron bike on stage 1, whether you’ve unlocked it or not :+1:

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Likely that you’ll automatically be put on a TT bike for the Watopia Flat stage (8?) as well.

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